YellowRoseForTexas: Ed’s Big Freak out & More

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More awakening is the fact that we are on a Flat Earth. I will post more about this soon.
I kept having dreams that we are on a Spacecraft but we were somehow trapped in a Holladeck. I see light beings a lot now and see through the Matrix. The information here is amazing. Be blessed

Originally posted on Starship Earth: The Big Picture:

Fans of YellowRoseForTexas, Rose covers a lot of material in this interview from October 11th, 2014. People will be stunned if even half of what she says is true. Amazing stuff! -LW

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5 Big Signs The Global Engine of Deceit, Lies, and Control Are Coming To End

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Great Article!! Be blessed.

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If you don’t see it coming, you may have been hiding in a very dark place for the last decade. The lies, deceit, fear-mongering and illusions portrayed by elite controlling entities of the world are slowly crumbling right in front of their eyes as the world is awakening. Here are 5 signs that the era of deception and duplicity is coming to an end.


Perhaps one of the biggest controlling entities of the world is the pharmaceutical industrial complex who has deceived billions for almost two centuries. Their corruption, fabrications and outright deceit has enveloped almost every nation on Earth. In the last decade alone, millions have outcasted drugs and vaccines from their circle of trust. More people are coming to discover that this powerful group of criminals will stop at nothing to sell their snake oil to the public. Over the last several…

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Our New Dawn

Originally posted on Petals Unfolding:

When Life becomes busy
and outright nuts
the struggle begins to adjust
and then when we do settle down
what once was chaotic
becomes our “New Dawn”.

Photography/ “Our New Dawn” 2014©AmyRose

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Another missing “Ebola” factor: pesticides

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Stop using Chemicals of any kind. These chemicals are poisons for all life. Please read and share. Be blessed.

Originally posted on Jon Rappoport's Blog:

Missing “Ebola” factor: pesticides in West Africa

by Jon Rappoport

October 21, 2014

Once again, I’m detailing what is causing illness and death in West Africa, without reference to the Ebola virus or any virus.

Indeed, the narrative of the virus functions as a cover story, to obscure corporate and government crimes.


The reference here is “Measuring pesticide ecological and health risks in West African agriculture…” Feb. 17, 2014, published in Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society, by PC Jepson et al.

“The survey was conducted at 19 locations in five countries and obtained information from 1704 individuals who grew 22 different crops. Over the 2 years of surveying, farmers reported use of 31 pesticides…

“…certain compounds represented high risk in multiple environmental and human health compartments, including carbofuran, chlorpyrifos, dimethoate, endosulfan and methamidophos.

“Health effects included cholinesterase inhibition, developmental toxicity, impairment of thyroid function and depressed…

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Sophia Love – October 20th Update – Part II – 21 October 2014

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Great information worth reading and sharing. Be blessed

Originally posted on Lucas 2012 Infos:

SophiaLoveNew? Regarding the following (fear based) email from Dr. Rima Laibow:

“Dr. Rima, is Ebola a hoax?”

Is Ebola a hoax? Absolutely not.

Is it killing people? Absolutely. I just got off the phone with one of our “Suits on the ground” in Liberia and the recording of our conversation confirms the reality of the epidemic.

Is it airborne? Absolutely. I have documented that in a blast which you can find on the topic on our main website: .

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Monsanto Harvest-Resistant ”UNNATURALLY ALIEN” GMO HYBRID Corn Now Engulfing Most Of Midwest

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Pour Tons of Salt and Vinegar or a blow torch will stop the spread.
I suggest people rise up and file a Class Action Lawsuit against Monsanto for this monstrosity.
HFCS is put into everything. It eats through your stomach walls causing all kinds of ill health. Grow your own food!

Originally posted on OUT OF THIS WORLDX:










Corn growing through

Asphalt roadways and Airport Tarmacs




Wreaking untold environmental and economic devastation throughout the region, a strain of harvest-resistant corn engineered by the agrochemical company Monsanto is now engulfing most of the Midwest, officials confirmed Monday.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the genetically modified crop, which Monsanto originally enhanced with traits to provide resistance from pests, diseases, and environmental conditions such as drought and frost, has become completely impervious to industrial reaping machinery and has spread uncontrollably across 700,000 square miles of land. With the unharvestable corn growing through asphalt roadways and airport tarmacs all over the Midwest, FEMA has been leading efforts to evacuate millions of residents before the plants obstruct all travel in the central United States.

“This particular strain of…

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WAR is People’s selfishness materialism mis-placed self-righteousness arrogance and material greed

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This speeks volumns. I never could understand why anyone would want to sell their souls to go off to occupy other nations? Are these heroes or zeros? They claim they do it for our Freedom… what? (it is done for the Pope) So eviction of a Nation and the Slaughter is praised as for the good of a Country. Who made US Inc. god?

Originally posted on OUT OF THIS WORLDX:



Civilised’ Western society are still plagued with selfishness,

materialism, mis-placed self-righteousness ,

arrogance and material greed




This was posted on Facebook – regarding the efforts of Neil K, Ben, David and WDS …..’The Best words of the Day.

Thank you my friend.

Talk is cheap, I want to see results.

First stop the chem trails and then come and preach the bullshit, otherwise no one is listening, and As The Ambassador claimed that the family has always owned the Fed as a creditor MY Question is that why in the name of God would you allow the atrocities to go on and the still give them more money so they can keep on bringing terror in the name of religion.

AM I MISSING SOMETHING HERE. can someone please explain..’

The below reply was insightful..

“my view (for what it’s worth) , is that…

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“We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For”



Nothing from NASA nothing from mainstream news, so we’re meant to ignore the fact Mars lit up like a Christmas Tree when SS went past?

That’s normal right?

Answers please, there was a lot more going on up there than we’re being told.




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”ONE’S” ENERGY BLASTS dematerializes the planet and the pole

Originally posted on OUT OF THIS WORLDX:



SHARED by Sean L.

Looks like the energy blast dematerializes the planet and the pole.

These photos were taken 15 minutes apart





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Paul Craig Roberts and Guest Scientists about #Ebola: Is The US Government The Master Criminal Of Our Time?

Originally posted on Futurist Trendcast:

Guest post by Paul Craig Roberts and two scientists about #Ebola:

UPDATE: As I read this notice from, a service of the US National Institutes of Health, the US Government and Pharmaceutical corporations have been conducting ebola tests on humans.

This is official confirmation of Dr. Boyle and Dr. Broderick’s reports that the US government has conducted ebola experiments. Perhaps the vaccine was not effective, and those on whom the experiment was conducted came down with ebola and perhaps also employees in the US bio-warfare laboratories located in Africa where the experiment was conducted.

It appears that the test consists of giving an ebola vaccine and then exposing the unaware person to ebola, apparently an engineered version for bio-warfare. Whatever the tests are, it is clear that Boyle and Broderick in their articles below are correct that experimentation with ebola by the US government is underway.


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