What to Expect – The Event

The following Videos are powerful. I am sharing with you the footage I resonate with.

I know that you will feel the same as I do. Rejoice and feel it happening. Prepare yourselves my Dearest Angelic Friends.

The following footage is all about The Event.

This one is Roy Potter talking about the Event

There is more so make sure you watch the others. I will share more with you later as well. Please continue this is valuable information …..


Iceland Dismantles the Corrupt – Then Arrests Ten Rothschild Bankers

Watcher51445. Iceland Dismantles the Corrupt – Then Arrests Ten Rothschild Bankers

Posted on March 31, 2014 by V.K. Durham 1 Comment
Iceland Dismantles the Corrupt – Then Arrests Ten Rothschild Bankers


Iceland Dismantles the Corrupt – Then Arrests Ten Rothschild Bankers Submitted by ronb28135 on Fri, 03/28/2014 – 15:49 in Hidden Knowledge “The truth of the matter is… No one, except the Icelanders, have to been the only culture on the planet to carry out this successfully. Not only have they been successful, at overthrowing the corrupt Gov’t, they’ve drafted a Constitution, that will stop this from happening ever again. “That’s not the best part… The best part, is that they have arrested ALL Rothschild/Rockefeller banking puppets, responsible for the Country’s economic Chaos and meltdown.

Last week 9 people were arrested in London and Reykjavik for their possible responsibility for Iceland’s financial collapse in 2008, a deep crisis which developed into an unprecedented public reaction that is changing the country’s direction…” “…Pressure from Icelandic citizens’ has managed not only to bring down a government, but also begin the drafting of a new constitution (in process) and is seeking to put in jail those bankers responsible for the financial crisis in the country.” “Sigurdur Einarsson, former chairman of the defunct Icelandic bank Kaupthing, was arrested in London at 5:30 this morning along with the bank’s biggest customer, Robert Tchenguiz, and five others in a joint operation by the UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and the Office of the Special Prosecutor in Iceland.”

Posted by AMERICAN KABUKI at 3:05 AM Labels: Banker Arrests, Iceland

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Posted by  John MacHaffie of Nesara Network




Free Energy Is Here Now!

New Cobra Update!

I have a new important update on my blog. Please post it on your blogs and share it if you feel so guided:

http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2014/03/free-energy-revealed.htmlVictory of the Light,

Posted by John MacHaffie


Note from AnGeleve:

Precious Angels your help is needed. Must work together to help free humanity from the shackles we have been enslaved to.

If you are not able to step up to the plate and contribute to the future of humanity then at least see if you can help by way of a Donation or spreading the News like a Virus. The more eyes that see these articles means we will be able to get the people together to help propel our beautiful Planet into the positive change we have been dreaming of and truly deserve.


John’s website needs your donations to stay afloat, there is a Donate Button, all donations are blessed and I pray that you receive 100 no 1000 times the blessing back.


Feel led not guilty. Be the Light that you are, as we are the Ones we have been waiting for!






Wow! Here We Go – Red Light Green Light! Spread the Word To All!

Notes from AnGeleve:

The Light Forces have been at work behind the screens and many great Souls have dedicated themselves to the Freeing of Humanity, many have lost their very lives (3d body) to getting this job done.

No one (but God) knows the extent of work that has gone into all the many levels of preparations to ensure a blissful transition from the madness we have had to endure for over a millennia. Our Star Families above and Incarnate Star Families here have been working diligently on the many projects that go into restoring total freedom of a Planet. They have done this before.

I want to share with you my sweet friends that I never lost hope as I was being fed info to help show proof of the Divine Energy that is being fed to this Beautiful Gaia and all Conscious life on her and with-in her.

I will be placing up some awesome footage with you shortly.


News Worthy of going Viral!!!


Intel coming in from Boots on the Ground in Ohio
Date: March 27, 2014 at 1:25:39 PM EDT

Subject: Listen to this
(*) Intel coming in from Boots on the Ground in Ohio – March 27, 2014 Report coming in that “good” military are going house to house in areas of Ohio getting names, phone #, and address. Military personnel said that they would be coming back to give $2,000 vouchers to citizens to use when things start to “it’s about to break”, “it can come right now”. “There’s going to be a big change coming” said the military person who was going door to door in rural area of Ohio. Military are saying that orders came from Washington D.C. Military is saying to stock up on items of importance. Military personnel mentioned that we “were going back to common law”. Is this a true story? You listen and decide.

PIN: 776046#

Posted by John MacHaffie at 2:26 PM


Fantastic News to Share!! Make Viral!!


National Liberty Alliance Meeting in New York; Monday, April 7—Will You Attend?
If you live in the New York area, here’s your chance to walk the talk and give this initiative the attention it deserves while being a part of history in the making.

I’m excited!!!

Please read the instructions below carefully. If you won’t DO anything, you can’t complain about how terrible things are, now can you?

Alternatively or in addition you can donate to the cause. ~ BP


On Monday, March 24, 2014 at 1:25 PM EST in Columbia County, New York, the Common Law Grand Jury filed a “Writ of Quo Warranto” upon the New York State Unified Supreme Court Judicial Executive Officers, who are responsible for the on-site management and supervision of trial courts and agencies.

[To read Quo Warranto click here - http://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/breaking-news%5D

WHAT: An official hearing will be held and decisions will be decreed “by the People” in a formal open court hearing, Coram Nobis (before the People themselves), proceeding according to common law. Where the accused will be required to give account of their stewardship and answer charges of RICO, conspiracy, high treason and felony rescue.

WHEN: Monday, April 7, 2014 at 9:30AM

WHERE: New York Supreme Court, Columbia County, 621 State Route 23B, Claverack, NY 12534; – NO SIGNS!!!

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU? End spying on the people, end agenda21, end safe act, end Obama care, end abusive government, and much, much, more, in short save the Republic.

We need everyone within a 100 mile radius to set aside work and other necessities of life and attend the hearing to let them know We the People are watching. Please let us know you are coming to the court by sending an email to StandingUp@NationalLibertyAlliance.org and tell us how many people are traveling with you.


We need everyone across the nation to fax 518-851-7615:, call 518-267-3150 and send snail mail to New York Supreme Court, Columbia County; 401 Union Street; Hudson, NY., 12534, telling them We the People Across the Nation (and in NY) are watching, and we want our country back. To learn more listen to Monday nights call – http://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/blog-talk-radio-247-text-chat

Call your friends, neighbors, local liberty groups, face book, local news, etc … because —

ONLY THE PEOPLE CAN SAVE THE REPUBLIC, but only if they STAND-UP NOW! Time is about to run out.

Support National Liberty Alliance, give $5 a month or more —> http://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/support-national-liberty-alliance



John Darash
(845) 233-6560


VIRTUE is America’s foundation!
COMMON LAW (GOD) is America’s Heritage!
LIBERTY is America’s inheritance!





Karen Hudes Exposes Another “Species” Hiding in the Vatican [video]

Angel 4 Light:

Precious Angels, many things will be revealed now so be ready with discernment. I will not be able to do my regular postings for a short time. Know that I love you all and want you to envision Eden as this is where we are headed. I am not sure about Karen but this message is true. She is being deceived by some of the people she is around. Take this fact, that we are not alone on this Planet and have been slaves to another species that does not have the compassion that we have. That would explain much of the insanity we have seen going on for decades.

What you can be sure of, that these are the End Times which means the END to duality.
Work on yourself, be forgiving and loving to all. It is a challenge I know, but we will make it through these trying times and celebrate together soon in joy and in love for all of Gods creations. Dream wonderful blissful dreams, smile, laugh, dance, find the child inside of you and yearn to create beauty and joy.

Be blessed,

Originally posted on 2012 The Big Picture:

Okay, I complained that Karen has maintained there are no extraterrestrials, and now she’s exposed the coneheads in a way that some people may find believable. Is this progress?  Maybe it is. Or maybe Karen just killed any credibility she had.  ~ BP

This is so nuts, it’s hard to believe but it’s true that she said this — Former World Bank Sr. Counsel Says That There is An Existence of a Second Species on Earth — Hiding at the Vatican!

This is so nuts, it’s hard to believe but it’s true that she said this. Karen Hudes was being interviewed by Future Money Trends when midway through the interview about conspiracies concerning global economy, she reveals the aliens that have been hiding at the Vatican. WHAAT?? When executive professionals such as Karen begin speaking out about these coming events, we need to start paying closer attention.  This is so nuts, it’s hard to believe but it’s true that she said this. Karen Hudes was being interviewed by Future Money Trends when midway through the interview about conspiracies concerning global economy, she reveals the aliens that have been hiding at the Vatican. WHAAT?? When executive professionals such as Karen begin speaking out about these coming events, we need to start paying closer attention.

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Heaven Sent – Prosperity Package and Golden Age

We are heading for a Great Change! One we have all been waiting for.

Here is a posting that was placed up on YouTube back in November 2013.

Another Video worth watching.
Three Waves of Ascension & 3 Waves of The Photon Belt

Indian in in the machine:

Note From AnGeleve:

Now Here are some wonderful photos that will prove that we are being blessed by Heaven.  Please note that I will never use special effects in my photography. I do not have to, as God’s special effects are more dramatic than I could dream to produce.

Violet Flames 3 13 14

Look to the Left to see the Multi Dimentional Being within the Violet Rays

Multi Dimentional Being within the Violet Rays

Can you see the Portals in the Angelwing type Rays?

Angel Wings and Portals with Violet Rays

Violet Flames of Healing from Heaven

Precious Earth Angels, Great News will be upon you soon. We have something wonderful happening everyday even if you don’t feel it.

I will try to keep you as much in the loop with things as they are happening. It has been a challenge for me since I do not have Internet service out in the boonies.

My Intuition tells me that this Month is suppose to be another stage for the Great Awakening of Humanity. We are to receive another gift or event to awaken the mases.

Look towards the sky at night what do you see?  Look at the Sun during the day squint your eyes until you can hold the light within, you will see rainbows and gold coming out from the Sun.

Here is an Interview worth watching. It should shed some light on to “The Event”

I have been receiving instructions to take photos, that I would be gifted with 4D photos in this still 3D world. Know that I will not use special effects as these would be deceiving to you and for my integrity.  All photos by AnGeleve are natural Heavenly Photos – effects courtesy of GOD.

Watch the following video and then click onto the Link to Cobra’s Website. I will be posting more of his works in the future. This interview was done on September 2013 but it is clear that the message is one that needs to be heard by all.

Cobra’s Interview with Alexandra Meadors

Here is Cobra’s websitehttp://2012portal.blogspot.com

The following series of photos are by AnGeleve – remember all effects are by GOD.

We are Blessed!

Photo by AnGeleve - Effects by GOD

Violet Flames sent to Heal Us

Photo by AnGeleve - effects by GOD

Violet Rays Shower the Earth


The DUKE – Patriot!


 The Duke

The Duke



Crazy talk for the Duke perhaps but IT IS HAPPENING NOW.


What is being followed at present?

I am posting all the latest news on the Brilliant Restore American Plan as it happens – Real Time.

I am also presently inputting all the news including financial and political concerning release of the prosperity packages. As I understand it (and I could be corrected) —
There are three and possibly four distribution releases. The present 336,000+/- package releases from numerous programs. THIS IS HOT NOW – ANY MOMENT! This is to jump start the New Treaury Banks with the new Gold Backed Currency.
It is NOT the AMERO! The Amero is currency of choice for the Bush/Clinton/obama cabal or NWO.

These are broken into the following:
Freedom Packets – 1st to go and followed by
Humanitarian Packets – the main bulk
Settlement Packets – from WWII

The unknown one is the ‘self-claimed’ Germain program releases which will cover EVERYONE. These come after the NESARA Program is announced. It has been confirmed that the Germaine Trust is real and in place.

I will also be posting the latest updates per arrests, banking change outs, government changes, GF messages and Nesara topics.



Thank You John MacHaffie

Note from AnGeleve:

Please Donate to help out our Heros in Action. We need our Ground Crew so please help as much as you can.  See Donate Button on:


The Donate is a one time issue as John’s Ad income from Google is being absconded with. Are we surprised? All good people like John’s site and others are being attacked.
More Divine Photos as promised. Now these you may notice a vortex or portal. I am not sure as yet what these orbs are but it is clearly benevolent. We meditate daily and have plenty of Orgone on the land to bring only positive and repel all negative energies.

Photo by AnGeleve October 2013 – if you enlarge the photo you will see the Portals within the Rainbow Rays.

Apparently the upload had shrunk up the photo, so the details are not easy to see. I will try another way to upload the full sized photo and have it linked to this so you can enjoy what I see.

Click onto photo to enlarge

Portals and Rainbow Rays


 Violet Flame Portal Upgrade – Next 3 Days – Pleiades High Council

You Were Born For This Moment! by Patricia Cota-Robles


Montaque Keen – Ley Line Project – March 2, 2014

Veronica, my dear, when you started the Ley Lines Project, you never in a million years expected the amazing results that we have achieved. Every day, hundreds more people are getting involved. Your tears flowed today when you were told that the BUDDHISTS have become involved in removing the dark energy that has engulfed your world. When people of the light work together as one, MIRACLES HAPPEN, and this is what you can expect. The work on the ley lines had to happen first, before you could attempt anything else. As you know, my dear, one always has to set the stage. Also, the energy that has been released along with the intentions of all those good people, will give more energy to our other projects. We are on the right track, have no doubt about that. The goodwill of the people who have come together will enable all our projects to succeed. It was important for people to wake up to the significance of energy and how it is used against humanity.

Eventually, everything will blossom into life and man will reach his full potential. The land will recover, and once more, yield good wholesome food, so that people can recover from all the chemicals that they have had to endure during the dark times. You have taken the first steps and we will guide the way for you.

Do not lower your vibration by being angry or vindictive towards those who have held you hostage, even though they have continued with their evil plans to destroy your planet. Remember that those who made the original plans have long since left the Earth. Raise your own vibration as much as possible. This will protect you and yours. Many of the dark ones have already left your planet; others are desperately trying to leave. Some, on the other hand, will never accept defeat. They will hold on to the bitter end. They can be dangerous, so do not provoke any interaction with them. Just wave them goodbye.

Look to the future and leave the past behind you. Your new beginning is what you must concentrate on; such as how you will create a world of peace, with humanity working as one.

You will get so much assistance from other species who have waited patiently in the wings. They are ready and willing to help with technology and know-how that will take you completely by surprise. It is beyond anything you can imagine. Man will never have to work so hard again just to exist; all that will be a thing of the past. Life will become what life was intended to be. I know, right now, that it is hard to imagine living a life without stress. All your stress, of course, is man-made: caused by the banks, and the illnesses that have been created in laboratories, as well as the contrived wars that have served to destroy so many lives. This will never be allowed to happen again, as it will not be possible in the light. Look forward to enjoying real sunlight again. Although they have blocked all the healing rays of the sun, these blocks will be removed, and all will flourish again as it should. This is what you are working towards and you have just taken the first steps.

Please be aware of what you eat and drink. Check the small print that they would prefer you not to see. The more a product is advertised, the more suspicious you should be of it. Why are they so desperate for you to use it? So much is hidden in your food that causes the illnesses to which you are prone. These are dangerous times. The cabal is putting so much effort into keeping you asleep, and thereby under control. Do not fall for their propaganda. They are not to be trusted on anything at all. Seek help from your guides.

Leave all the false gods that were used to hide the truth from you. The light of truth is in all of you. You are now rediscovering it, and the light in others; this is, in fact, the light of the God of Love. Everything has been geared to blind you to this fact. Material possessions have been promoted in order to replace real love. You and I, my dear, know for a fact that when you truly love one another, you have everything that you could wish for in life. Love is all, and no number of possessions could ever replace it. Those you have loved never leave you, since the bond of true love is forever.

You have come a long way in the last four weeks. At this speed, you will bring about all the changes quite quickly. Nothing can stop you now. Veronica’s lungs are still giving cause for concern, so she needs to take things easy. The cold air is too much for her, just now.

I ask that you keep up the good work on the ley lines. Let’s wait and see what next week brings. We may be able to take things further. Be happy, knowing that your effort will bring about everything you have ever dreamed of !

My dear, take it easy. We will get there.

Forever your adoring, Monty.
A Note from Veronica Keen

We would like to apologise for the confusion caused when we had to remove the video of Sunrise on Glastonbury Tor for a couple of hours, a few days ago. This was due to the fact that the person who filmed it wanted his name to be removed from it. Though he is still part of our team, I fully understand why he made this request and we were happy to oblige. We are grateful to him for providing us with this historic piece of film.


Article by AnGeleve March 3, 2014

Proof of our Healing as given to me to share and prove what we are experiencing.

My Dearest Angelic Friends and Family of the Light. We are receiving such Divine Rays of Healing from our Creator. We have to rejoice. Look at the following pictures and see if you see what I mean.

Here is only one of the many fantastic photos that I have been blessed to capture. It shows the Healing Violet Flames and more. I can’t understand it all myself as yet but it does look something like the Flower of Life.

Meditate daily – it is so important to raise your frequency. We can see an end to the Evil can you? It is important to tell you that I use a very cheep camera. The special effects are by GOD. I must admit that in this location is a large Orgon piece which I have made. I will put up the video portion later which shows the Orgon piece.

Violet Flames Photo taken by AnGeleve - Special Effects by GOD

Violet Flames – Photo by AnGeleve 3-1-2014


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