Ashtar on Some of the Problems of Contact

Ashtar on Some of the Problems of Contact (Revised and Reposted)

The Ashtar interview (1) has been aired and I personally have learned so much. But an hour is so very short. I may have asked only a third of my questions.

I asked Ashtar to describe himself personally rather than as a fleet commander and he spent perhaps fifteen minutes giving his own personal background. I’ll leave that to the show.

I will say that Ashtar regards his flagship, the New Jerusalem, as his home. But he has also spent time on Arcturus and Venus (where he helps the Kumaras) and delights in spending time in the Pleiadian sector. He reports and defers to Sananda.

My understanding is that Sananda Kumara overlit Jesus during his ministry, but that Jesus and Sananda are two different beings.  Nonetheless Jesus is permitted to call himself Jesus Sananda. (Some may take issue with my view of the matter.)

Among the other things we explored was the dimensionality of the ascended masters. I think people assume, as I did, that they somehow come from the Fifth Dimension and that we’ll be joining them there and all live as one, so to speak.

Granted that Kuthumi has said that the masters will be ascending too. (2)  Even so, I think we predominantly believe that they live and work on the Fifth. But Ashtar confirmed today that many of them come from as “high” as the Eleventh.

According to Ashtar himself, he (Ashtar) works on the Fifth but comes from beyond the human dimension.  That means he comes from beyond the Twelfth. However if we were to seek him, he said, we would find him on the Twelfth.  This was just one revelation that opened up new exploratory vistas for me.

He explained that only in the Third Dimension is dimensionality restricted and confined. Once we reach the Fifth, we’ll be able to travel up much more easily for periods of time.

On Disclosure, he said that the media is controlled on grounds of national security and so are not reporting the more generalized sightings. He says that the galactics are using the Internet to get word out about these sightings. He said that everyone in the States are frightened in an election year to say anything about Disclosure.  He said Disclosure would come forth as casual conversation via a planted question during the U.S. election campaign.

He said that President Obama is a star brother and is the vehicle they are looking to use. The galactics do have his cooperation on a mental and a soul level. They look to him for his cooperation in Disclosure.

He said that the motherships have been seen many, many times and references to these sightings can be found in FAA records. But “national treachery” (rather than “national security”) is being used to forestall Disclosure.

Ashtar revealed that 45,000 Fifth-Dimensional galactic beings landed on Earth last May and that number has increased to half a million now. They’re here to anchor the energy for Ascension, eliminate fear among the population of the star nations, and shift the vision that society has away from galactics as predatory marauders dedicated to mayhem to something closer to reality, such as our ancestral family and friends dedicated to our advancement. They’ll retain their Fifth-Dimensional vibrations and have the technology to shift our energetic reality very rapidly when the appropriate time arrives.

Another topic we discussed towards the end of the show arises from a hunch I had after Grener cancelled the Neptune trip. Ashtar knows Grener and Ashira and sits on the Intergalactic Council that Grener heads. (Ashtar has himself been head of the Intergalactic Council, he acknowledged.)  Ashtar actually said that the Ashiras were part of his family but I think he’s using “family” in a much wider way than we might.

Grener had suggested that something about the way we were being meant that the trip was not going to work. He may have been too polite to say it, but I wondered if he was hinting that our thoughts, feelings and behavior were somehow toxic to the galactics and asked Ashtar if that was so. Ashtar said that emphatically they were too toxic.

He said that, when galactics approach us and can be greeted with human drama, disrespect, and even nastiness. It was very disconcerting to them, even heavily shielded. Our behavior towards them apparently can be worse than jarring, he explained:

“[Your behavior can be] toxic to our very souls. Can you imagine if you invited someone to your home for dinner and you prepared a feast for them and then they walked through the door and rather than greeting you with consideration and honor they began to vilify you and to speak of all your shortcomings and that you were unworthy … and then proceeded to soil on your carpet. Very often this is how human beings act with us.

“I do not say this to criticize or judge. But there is a great deal of demand that comes from the human beings stuck in the third Dimension. There is a great deal of ‘Where’s mine?’ rather than how can I help, how can I serve? …  So when there is an aggressive vibration that comes towards us, … when we see somebody who is still filled with pain and sorrow and a great deal of debris, it presents a challenge for us. Because we are not going to lower our vibration below Fifth Dimension. We are not going to do that.

“So your sweet question about how to interact with us: embrace us in love. Approach us in gentleness. Approach us in kindness. For that was Grener’s desire as well, to have a family reunion. It is certainly my desire. We wish to be one with you. So when you lead with your heart, when you lead with your delightful personalities that are not being led by ego, …it is this gentleness that we seek. …

“So when you come to us and the first thing we hear is ‘Why haven’t you?’ it hurts. It hurts. And I speak for my friends of the angelic realm too. It hurts them because they do what they know is for the highest good. We will not override you. But we do want to meet you halfway, to lift you up. We’re waiting.

“You have learned so much in a very short period of time. You are letting go of struggle, of all the illusions that have been placed upon humans for eons. Now you are seeing the sun breaking through. … We could not possible ask for more.” (3)

Well, that solved another puzzle for me. We seem to have our work cut out for us. Tough love, but I think we need to hear what’s actually so. If we don’t, how can we address it?

He explained that the galactics are not going to lower their vibration past the Fifth Dimension so we’ll have to rise up to meet them. They will not come down to our level or respond in the way that 3D humans do. It won’t work for us to run our patterns on them and this is a subject that we’ll need to explore at length with the galactics before they get here if we want to see to their well-being.

There was a lot more we talked about. I hope to have Ashtar back at a future date to continue the discussion of the ways we need to be with galactics to spare them pain and suffering.


(1) Greg Giles has recently quoted the Galactic Federation of Light as saying:

“Ashtar communicates directly to the minds and into the hearts of all who wish to receive his love and his guidance. Ashtar does not speak through any channels at this time. Ashtar does not have a need or want to share information in this manner. Ashtar hears what is called for to guide those who seek his guidance, and he answers their call in ways that do not necessitate the need for a medium or channel. There are many beings throughout the cosmos that do speak through channels to share their thoughts, their feelings, their teachings, their guidance and their love, but Ashtar does not communicate with any of you at this time in this way.

“Anyone who claims they are channeling Ashtar at this time is either mistaking Ashtar as the sender of their communications or they are purposely perpetrating a hoax or a con. These individuals who claim to be channeling Ashtar himself may not be channeling any other being at all, and may only be sharing a reflection of their own thoughts. We do not judge anyone for this. We only wish to make it clear to all who wish to understand this; Ashtar, the Supreme Commander of the Ashtar Command, is not speaking directly to you or through any channels at this time.

“There are individual members of the Ashtar Command who are speaking to you through channels at this time, and some of these communications speak officially for the Ashtar Command as an organization and some of these communications speak only of the personal views and teachings of the individual members of this command that are sending  messages in this way.” (The Galactic Federation of Light through Greg Giles, March 4, 2012, at

I leave it up to your discernment to decide whether I was interviewing Ashtar or not. I have no need for you to be in one place or another. It may be that Greg’s sources are referring to regular channelings rather than single interviews. I don’t know. I think that I am speaking to Ashtar and I’m going to enjoy the experience to the fullest. If I’m not, as soon as that is shown, I will address it.

(2) “Some of you are already aware of the fact that a number of us – the Ascended Masters – are moving into a much higher vibration as a result of our own progress and we have been granted permission to bring those of you who are ready with us, not into the same realm, but you are being lifted into a higher realm than you have been in before however, it requires an enormous amount of responsibility of the self; self awareness, self love and self acceptance, for now you are being groomed to emerge as the true beacons of light of the Golden Age.” (Kuthumi, “11:11 Turning of the Tide,” Nov. 2, 2008, through Michelle Eloff, Nov. 2008, at

(3) Ashtar on An Hour with an Angel, April 23, 2012, at



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