Bring in the Tissue for the Cabal -Their Days are Numbered

Major confrontations in South China Sea as desperate cabal tries to steal Asian gold deposits

by Benjamin Fulford, April 23, 2012

Reports from Philippino tribes-people and the White Dragon Society members indicate a major military stand-off is taking place in the South China Sea and the Philippines over control of historical gold deposits in the region. A fleet of 8 US war-ships is being confronted by a joint Chinese/Russian fleet in the region.

The Chinese have publicly announced they are willing to go to war over this dispute. The US warships are linked to a mysterious Hong Kong based individual by the name of “Rosenberg” (first name not known), the CIA sources say. Rosenberg is believed to be seeking physical gold to seize on behalf of the Nazi/Sabbatean cabalist owners of the Federal Reserve Board, these sources say.

In the Chinese government and Western corporate propaganda news this dispute is described as being a Chinese Philippine dispute over an area, blocked out on Google Earth, known as the Scarborough Shoal by the West and the Huangyan Islands by China.

This dispute is linked to the failed IMF and World Bank meetings that took place in Washington D.C. last week. It is also linked to an ongoing power struggle between the three factions in China, multiple sources say.

The US, or should we say, Nazi (national socialist Zionist) forces have been systematically searching bunkers and caves in the Philippines even as they look for sunken gold ships around the Huangyan Islands and in other areas, the sources say.

This is what an ASEAN White Dragon Society ally had to say to Neil Keenan on the subject:

Hello Neil. In PALAWAN, those that are LOCALs are now terrified, letters have gone to us all last week…Re – so CALLED “wardens” ( accredited officers _ who are US army “scouts” going round to do a census on all local residents and buildings, saying it’s for our own protection…this has never happened before, they are with sophisticated equipment…loading huge cargo like hanger CONTAINERs, all of army material !!!!!! they already have taken on 6 islands and are now off to JOLO ( SULU islands) due to IMF and Rebel tribe bandits.

There is definitely a WAR going to happen but what we are told is the ARMIES in / on the islands are for FUEL bases, ???? some of these ships are with FUEL/ something going on Neil it is same in Indonesia.

These reports come as Chinese and Russian fleets converge on the area for exercises that coincided with US announcements of joint Philippine/US maneuver in the same region.
Here is a US government propaganda report:

Here is what the Chinese foreign minister had to say on the subject during an April 16th press conference:

Q: The Philippine Foreign Ministry reportedly said that a Philippine ship conducting archaeological studies in waters off the Huangyan Island was harassed by the Chinese side. How do you respond to that?

A: Currently the situation over the Huangyan Island has been eased thanks to the efforts made, and China and the Philippines are making further communication through diplomatic channels. According to relevant international conventions and Chinese laws, no organization or individual shall conduct such activities without the permission of the Chinese Government. China demands this archaeological ship to leave the waters off the Huangyan Island immediately.

The “archaeological ship,” has so far failed to locate the gold deposits it arrived to search for, CIA sources say. In any case, this battle by the cabalists to steal gold is actually a sign of desperation after their failure, despite multiple attempts, to gain legal rights to the 85% of humanity’s gold held by Asians.

This gold grab is seen by many as last minute looting by cabal members hoping they will still be able to control the world with gold even as their fiat financial rule collapses. That is not going to happen.

This brings us to last week’s IMF and World Bank meetings in Washington. The Western propaganda media reports a “victory” by the IMF because it was able to get $430 billion worth of funding for Europe.

Japan’s slave government, for example, handed over $60 billion in cabal money originally earmarked for post-tsunami reconstruction.

However, a look at the fine print reveals the BRICs nations have made their funding conditional on reform of IMF voting rights. As Brazil’s Finance Minister pointed out, at present the UK, which has a smaller economy than Brazil, has twice the IMF voting rights as Brazil.

The European nations are willing to increase BRICs voting shares in the IMF but the US is blocking it because it would then have to give up control of the World Bank. Certainly the European bond markets were not fooled by the announcements coming out of this meeting because Spanish bond yields actually rose after it.

In any case, both the IMF and the World Bank are increasingly irrelevant.

Think about it for a minute, the IMF, the so-called lender of last resort in the post war era, the group that once “bailed out” Russia, is running around with a begging bowl make it obvious to all this institution is no longer at the top of the international financial food chain.

The World Bank, for its part, lent out only $42 billion in new money in 2011, compared to a world GDP of roughly $75 trillion. They are a puny organization.

By contrast, the White Dragon Society is proposing the creation of a Long Term Infrastructure for Everybody (LIFE) planning agency with initial funding of $800 trillion. Of course at this level, numbers are meaningless.

The current rules allow the Japanese to leverage their $8 trillion in hard foreign exchange assets 100 times, meaning 800 trillion dollars or over $100,000 each for every man woman and child on earth (as a Japanese reader pointed out, I miscalculated in previous reports by saying that was available on 10 times leverage).

Even if you take the more conservative Basel 3 rules with over 10 times leverage, Japan can still legally make $10,000 available for every human, still plenty enough to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.

If this money is delivered in the form of things that really exist, such as roads, schools, nature preserves, consumer products etc., then there is no limit to how much new money is created other than reality.

Needless to say China, ASEAN, Brazil, Russia etc. can all make similar moves in harmony and parallel with Japanese efforts.

The cabalists, for their part, have been making a desperate push to ensure their survival. They have blocked all efforts to create new organizations such as LIFE within the existing US dollar and Euro based systems even as they refuse fundamental reform of their organizations such as the BIS, the UN, the World Bank, the IMF, the “World Court,” etc.

They also made a big push in China to convince leaders like Hu Jintao the White Dragon Society is a neo-colonialist organization controlled by the Rothschild family. The WDS has no Rothschild family members in its ranks and does not receive a penny from the Rothschilds or other cabal families like the Rockefellers and Bushes. It is dedicated to ending their terrorist misrule of the planet.

◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊

♥ My 2 Cents ♥: We know that the Cabal are so OUT. Manifest it my dear Angelic Friends, we are the 99% and heaven will hear this call of our desire to rid this planet of the Cabal forever. We need to be merciful in our wishes that we do not use the hateful evil that this Cabal has used on us for aeons.  Be assured that the Cabal’s days are numbered and we will win our planet back. We need to send massive amounts of LOVE out to GAIA and raise our frequencies so that we can rise above this 3D mess.

I don’t know about you, but I am very tired of the DRAMA of 3D myself. And I am working hard on my efforts to Ascend. I do know that this Evil will not be allowed to follow us into the 5th Dimension or higher. We have been assured of this. So lets get our game face on, and get serious about all this. We need to resolve this mess that the Dark Ones have committed against us. We need to start arresting these Mobsters/Monsters who have robbed us of our lives and tried to enslave humanity for so long. We have found Father/Mother God again through it all and need to remember who we are. Find the Divinity that is You and put your power to good use.

Do not send Curses or Evil back to those of Evil, rather smother them with LOVE, something they have never known. The only Love they know is Money and Greed, Lust and Killing. They have a soul that is cold and very, very dark. Some perhaps have no Soul left. This is due perhaps from the centuries of inbreeding which has caused them to go totally mad. They need pity, but still need to be arrested immediately and evicted from this Planet.

Let us Manifest the Positive. See Eden coming to life on GAIA. Envision GAIA being healed completely. Envision children all over the world being able to eat and sleep in a nice comfortable place tonight and every night. Let us together change the world for the better. We can rid ourselves of all the Evil, but not with Evil, it must be with LOVE and kindness. So send enough Love to these Dark Souls, it will be over whelming and they will in turn want to leave this world by what ever means can be arranged by themselves or us. We shall pray that they repent and want to see the Light of God and be filled with LOVE themselves.

We are so over, Power, Greed, Money Hungry ideas, Killing and Torture, raping the Earth of her resources and destruction of her beautiful body and the horrors that our children and we the people of earth have endured for so long. We are tired of the suffering, the taxing, the manipulation and controlling of us like cattle. We are tired of Food being used as a Weapon against the people. We are tired of being sprayed daily like bugs and being shot up with contagions to try and kill us.

We are the 99% and we are the ones in Power not the 1% who have been brainwashing us for so long. We are waking up in masses and we will not stand for this insanity any longer. Take these Mad Men and Crazy Women away immediately.  Arrest them NOW. I call upon Heavens Angels to come to our aid and show us and help us. Wake us the masses to who we are and our full potential so that we can get this job done quickly and without harm to anyone.

We need to Manifest against Fracking, Oil Drilling, and striping the forest of the Trees. We need to Manifest that not one more person will go hungry or suffer from the hands of these Dark Ones. Manifest Daily. Arrest the Dark Ones NOW. See it being done. Manifest it 3X’s a Day. This has to be a unified conscious effort, we can do it. We can have our FREEDOM without blood shed. Manifest it. Know it, See it, Feel it. And so it is.

Do NOT Fear about WWIII as it will NOT happen. Heaven will not allow it to happen. The Dark Ones may kill each other and we will be better off but the Killing Fields are OVER. We are tired of their Shoot ’em up games and War games, their Drug dealings and Money stealing, they are not Elite nor Royal, they are common Criminals and need to be treated as such. They are still trying desperately to kill us with Chemicals at every turn. We need massive Lawsuits and take their money away from them. This is ill gotten money – stolen and used as payoff money to aid their crimes against us.

I call on Heaven to Help us now and awaken all who care enough to get off their sweet Angelic Butts and do something. Learn how to Meditate, learn how to Manifest. It is SO easy my Dearest Angelic Friends. There is plenty of video and CD’s available to help you. Find the quite in your mind and envision PEACE on Earth.

Meditate each day, to heal yourself and cleanse yourself from the toxins they are bombarding us with. Think positive and believe in your Power to heal yourself. We are marvelous together and if we use our Unified Consciousness for the betterment of all, we can and will defeat the Dark and bring forth the Light with greater speed. Let’s Get It On my Angelic Friends. We can and WILL do it.  Bring in the Tissue for the Cabal as their Days ARE numbered.

Be Blessed,



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hereinthisworld
    May 31, 2012 @ 16:52:26

    Hi There. I loved what you had to say about this, however, I do find Benjamin Fulford to be highly questionable. That may be an unfair assessment on my part and I recognize that. I would very much like this monetary driven cabal to be finally overthrown once and for all but I do lay pessimistic about it. The thing that I see is that it simply does not want to change or go at all. And the sad part is that people have been accustomed to surrendering themselves to its whims. I have to say that at this point I feel quite hopeless about our future. It hasn’t always been that way, but when I see the commercialism and brainwashing taking place in the majority of society, it really makes me wonder whether there will be any change at all. I fear to say it but at this point I fear the worst for humanity. I hope I am wrong.


    • Angel 4 Light
      Jun 03, 2012 @ 07:17:10

      Dearest Angelic Friend, We must keep our faith in the mist of all this muck. It has been a game. What have you learned from this game? I am over the evil as are we all. We have played the parts we came to play and now the game is over. The game is over for the Cabal. Don’t create doubt in your world or you will pull the negative towards yourself. Dream of the great world of PEACE and LOVE which we are going to have. We can all manifest this together. We are greater than the 1 percent of the Dark Ones who think they can out fox Heaven. It will not happen the way the Dark wanted it. We WILL have our FREEDOM soon. This is a most magical month. It is the beginning of many great things to come. Hole on to your wings and don’t let anyone toss mud onto your Dreams. Send unconditional LOVE out to all the Dark Forces out there, send them the Christ Light.

      God is LOVE, we are the rays of God and we should remember that we were created to LOVE. BF and a few others are sweet angels who do not know it yet. They have great intentions and really try to help change this planet for the best. The Gangsters have been exposed in many ways and will face the music for the crimes against humanity. We need to keep a soft heart and not seek to hurt others. I pray for them to be totally evicted from our planet. They have made a mess of things and have destroyed so many lives, but that is the past. I try to forgive their actions but it is hard. We must be better than they are. I just don’t ask for revenge but for mercy, they need to be re-educated and brought back to the light. I believe that Goodness will be the light of the New World. The Golden Age is upon us. Be ready for all the wonderful things to happen soon. We are there, believe it and see it. Meditate on it and know it, and it shall be so. Be Blessed, AnGeleve


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