El Morya – Stay the Course

I caution you again as I have many times before, do not read the negative propaganda that is fed to you; on the Internet, your media or from negative people, it will server you not. Find truth within, from your heart center.  If you start to doubt things it will invariably bring your vibrations down, and is this not what the Dark Ones and their followers are trying desperately to do? It is their last ditch effort so to speak to keep you in a state of negative mind control as they have crafted so skillfully for Eons.

I say to you, dear ones; stay the course, you are on; if the path of ascension is what you want. When you feel doubt, call on us to help you. Ask us to clear your mind of doubts and allow us to speak to you. Many of you can do this now. Do not be discouraged as you can communicate easily once you have full consciousness, and that time is fast approaching. Do I hear many of you saying “Finally”? Yes, we hear you and know of your frustrations. These lessons in the final stages of your ascension are most important. You need to learn to live from your Heart Center, stop allowing negative information to penetrate your space.  Be the Light and banish the Darkness that surrounds you. You have the power to do so. We can help guide you but you must learn this on your own.

We tell you many times of the importance of meditation. Find what works for you. If you need help in this area, you can go on your Internet and find great lessons available to you. Many are from light workers who want to help and do not charge fees. Find what works for you.  You know how to pray, as you are quick to do so when things are not the way you want or if you need something or are praying for others. Try that moment of silence, of peace and go within. Close your eyes, slow your breathing down, relax totally.  You are then meditating dear ones.

Learn about your chakras and how to cleanse them. Raising your frequency is essential to your ascension process.  Get others to help you or join a group where you can practice mediation together; as you will then pick up some great techniques from others.

Very soon you will awaken to full consciousness, and the knowledge will no longer be hidden from you. Things you have known for so long will start flooding in. We will be there to help you so that the flood gates do not over whelm you.

For now, if you see or hear of negative information, tune it out and send it unconditional Love.

Call on me to meet you in your dream state if you need help or wish to communicate, or call on one of your Guides or Angels or Ascended Masters.

El Morya.

As Channeled by AnGeleve.


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Thank You President Trump

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