Anahata Chakra ~ Struck and Unstruck


Ethereal Nature

sri yantra_resize
through all the eons
that I have lived
to see you once again
the hollow that remains
within my chest
forsaken in the sublime resonance
of the unstuck sound
that final sound
of the intonation of OM
that sacred syllable
that you draw from the depths
of my effulgent being
that lingers upon
my unkissed lips
the silence that hums
at the end of mmm
where sages hear
the unstuck chord
vibration of primal being
sound not made
of two things
striking together
but arising from the One.
Anahata Chakra
unfulfilled union
of Shiva and Shakti
of Purusha and Prakriti
a bell struck by love
a hollow filled
with sonorous resonance
but there is no
answering call.

Picture of the Sri Yantra at top is from:

From various sources:

All sounds within our range of hearing are created by things visible or invisible, striking each other or vibrating together…

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