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Yellow Rose has several new videos. I have found that by reading the comments, this sometimes helps us to get a grip on what she is presenting. I have to be honest, I couldn’t fully understand the last video about the Tree Of Life, or the video about “Ed is Dead”. Until we are completely awakened we can hold theories and hope that we are receiving good Intel. I feel positive about her so I will accept it. All I can guarantee at this point is our meditations and positive environments are helping along with our Star family.

I am excited to meet our Creator and look forward to helping others. Much like you and all awakened ones, I am really fed up with 3D and the Dark Ones who ruined things for everyone for so long.

I do hope August is our release date from 3D.

Do you believe that Dreams have meanings? Many times it is symbolically constructed and may seem totally wild or weird.

I have been meditating and practicing how to remember my dreams, because lately, I would remember for a brief moment as I would awaken, then zip it was all gone. I would get up out of bed and couldn’t remember a single moment from my dream-scape.

I had a dream recently that I was having a baby. It was crowning and I was calling not crying but requesting help with the delivery. My sister was there and asked me if I was going to the hospital for delivery and to register my baby. My reply was a firm “H… No! I am not registering a new slave. My baby’s name is going to be Freedom.” I had looked outside and it seemed like a huge amount of snow. Does my Dream mean that our Rebirth will happen in the Winter or after the first snow? Or would the snow symbolize purity or the Christ Light?

My dreams usually do come true. I am too old to have babies. So I have to believe that we are birthing Freedom and it will all come to a head soon. Pardon the pun. 🙂

I frequently listen to Andrew Bartzis and visit his website. Galactic Historian

One of the things Andrew suggest for us to do is to place a half cup of sea salt in a zip-lock bag and place it under you head when you sleep as well as place one at your lower back. The pink sea salt works best. I place my baggy into a lone sock to hold it secure and place it on the underside of the inside if my pillow. What does this do? It protects you from Cosmic Vampires and other things. The Dream-time where we travel out of our bodies, we leave our bodies unprotected so the salt provides the protection you need.

I suggest you meditate before you sleep and it would not hurt to have an Orgone pyramid near you as Orgone repels negative energy and turns it into positive.

I can speak from experience on this matter, because I have been attacked on several occasions and after I did the Orgone Pyramids and the Sea Salt as well as with meditation, which stopped these evil events that tried to unglue me.

As you know, that now all wickedness is being purged but the dark ones are fighting tooth and nail and trying to pull us down the drain with them.

I will not go into details of my negative experience with these Arcon attacks, but know that these protections I have mentioned do work.

Rob Potter has some great Protection Prayers on his website which Frank Stranges received from Commander Valiant Thor our Star friend from Venus who is helping with the protection of Earth. We have many Star Friends and Family who are helping behind the scenes.

imageThe above photo shows the Rainbow Rays but look closely if you can, do you see the DNA chains? I believe this is showing us that the DNA upgrade is happening.


I love you all dearly! Be blessed, AnGeleve.


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  2. Demitra M. N.
    Aug 29, 2014 @ 07:21:02

    From your dream, Angel: “I had looked outside and it seemed like a huge amount of snow. Does my Dream mean that our Rebirth will happen in the Winter or after the first snow? Or would the snow symbolize purity or the Christ Light?”

    The dreamer is always the one best suited to determine the correct meaning of a dream element or sequence. If neither of the interpretations you considered above “feels” or “rings” right to you, then try this one on for size and see how it feels:
    The snow could represent the chilly feeling that issues from the sleeping masses out there who have no idea that a whole new time is being birthed in their midst, and buried as they are under the heavy mantle of the old season’s paradigm, they are hardly prepared for what it means to really be Free. In other words, all of this labouring is presently taking place “inside” while outside appearances remain cold and bleak.


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