WOW – The Matrix – The Second Sun – Lightbeing Photos

Below I am placing as photos that I have taken that shows the Matrix. Many of these photos are from my Girlfriend. She is not a professional photographer, but gifted with being awake and led to take photos at the correct moments for us to share with you. I love these photos and if you enlarge these you will clearly see the grid. Yes, we are living in a Construct in case you are new to the idea.

The problem with uploading to the Media on WP is that it like YT squeezes the photos down so I hope that you will be able to zoom in and see what I am sharing with you.

I hope that you find these as uplifting as I do. Enjoy and Be Blessed.



Zoom in to See Matrix

Zoom in to See Matrix (on Left)

01-07-13 (1) Zoom into the Rays See Metrix

Zoom in on the Multicolored Fingerprint Ray

7 7 13 Sun Rays


7 7 13 CP Second Sun(17)

Second Sun?

matrix proof1 10182012 MultiDimentionalBeingandVioletFlames Angelwings-Portals-3-1-2014 (5) 3 days of Violet Flames-FromHeaven MultiColored Angel

This is a CU view of Sun Rays

Photo of the Matrix – Looks like I am taking photo from a Screen = NOT


Mother Ship? Strange Glow in Clouds

Mother Ship? Strange Glow in Clouds

Second Sun?

Second Sun and Orb

Something shooting at the Sun

Something shooting at the Sun Pic 1

Something shooting at the Sun

Something shooting at the Sun Pic 2

Unusual Rainbows around Sun

Unusual Rainbows around Sun

Second Sun or What?

Second Sun or What?

Rainbow around Sun

Rainbow around Sun

Another shot of Rainbow around Sun

Another shot of Rainbow around Sun

Clouds reflect many colors

Clouds reflect many colors

Violet rays or Blue Beam?

Violet rays or Blue Beam?

2 Suns and Orb

2 Suns and Orbs

7 7 13 CP (11)

Suns and Orbs

7 7 13 CP (12)

Zoom in and See the Matrix

Zoom in and See the Matrix

Second Sun

Second Sun

Orb? Second Sun? Pit?

Orb? Second Sun? Pit?

Rainbow Rays and Violet Rays

Rainbow Rays and Violet Rays

12 21 12 at CP n NC 0812130345


16 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Claudette
    Dec 02, 2014 @ 18:12:56

    Beautiful pictures dear friend. Love and Light to you always
    Love you


  2. cfho83
    Dec 29, 2014 @ 16:46:56

    I sent some amazing pics that are uplifting . Should be in ur inbox email


    • Angel 4 Light
      Jan 03, 2015 @ 22:10:23

      Received ….


      • cfho83
        Jan 06, 2015 @ 17:56:28

        Didnt know u were in nc as well, I live here too. I have more pics, just taken today, these are amazing, would u like for me to send them to u? I dont know whats going on, but its big, I just hope it doesnt have anything to do with the japanese cern device. It would be nice to have an update from rose right about now.


        • Angel 4 Light
          Jan 08, 2015 @ 17:26:16

          Send the pics! BTW the mark on your throat was made by a Reptile during your sleep time. When we leave our bodies at dream time we must protect them from invasions. They have implanted you. Did you hold a black light up to that area? If it glows that will confirm things. Do the salt, sage and silver. Place your Orgone at the head of your bed. It does help. You were chipped when you were in service. All military are chipped. Why do you think they give so many shots? 1) To distroy your immune system 2) To deliver a slow kill… like a time bomb. 3) To chip you
          In the Military you are a slave by contract… One sells their soul to the Devil (unknowingly) to help the evil Cabal and Banksters take over the world one country at a time. They sell you cloth flags and little metal pins to brainwash you into feeling heroic and patriotioc… that has been the way for so long and many still fall for it. When you have become damaged goods, or no longer follow their evil brainwashing then they try to attack in other ways. We have all been chipped via chemtrails.

          The good thing is they have really lost the War. We are moments away from being ejected from this construct and people will say… Wow what a ride.
          Rose is moving right now so we need to send protection and love to her and mainly send LOVE to Eve to help her ready herself for our exit. It is exciting knowing what we do know. I am glad you are awake.

          I will be posting up some of your amazing photos Saturday. They were mind blowing! Keep taking photos and I will be happy to post for you. Be blessed


          • cfho83
            Jan 09, 2015 @ 17:03:08

            Does mark make me sealed?

          • Angel 4 Light
            Jan 09, 2015 @ 21:48:34

            No! They thought it did. God the ONE knows your heart and you are Sealed by the ONE. I use to wonder because of all my attacks and that is what it is.

            We will no longer be a food source for these Cosmic Vampires.

            BTW did you see the Trailer for the upcoming Movies? “Guardians of The Universe” The photo in Time Magazine looked just like a Reptile looking creature. It was in Dec or Jan issue. Turn the pages and there is the new Terminator, and in the same article was the new human AI.

            These insane inbreds are trying to get mankind use to seeing their hideous forms and that these will be the saviours of man. Not… they serve mankind alright. Maybe on one of their sacrificial marble tables. Sick. Remember the movie Predator? They probably didn’t have to use make up for that. Most of Hollyweird is Lizzies or sold their souls.

            When we speak of Clones, people shut down and think you are nuts. Watch the movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”

            They have captured our DNA at the Hospital when we are born. They do test on our Clones to see what affect us. Nazi is another word for Invader. These are the evil entities that have tortured and killed and caused endless wars and hate. These are their weapons and we are their food.

            They sell Fear Porn daily to the point that people are seeing the truth.

            I think people are waking up but many have been lost for so long that they still drink the kool aid and like a frog sitting in boiling they don’t realize that they are on the menu, while others are enablers. The ones helping the Dark Side have Sealed themselves if they are not redeemable.

            Have a blessed day. 🙂 We are going to make it. Hang in there.

          • cfho83
            Jan 09, 2015 @ 17:45:27

            Sister, im not going to lie to you, hearing about this mark on my neck is very depressing. I enlisted because I thought I was protecting my family, my country. I dont want these entities to try and seal me under silent consent, I verbally, spiritually stated my soverignty and that any deceptive means of trying to lay claim on me is null and void. I excerise my free will to choose when we are shown the truth during the unveiling. If you have a pic or something as a reference plz let me know. I dont like this, its lies on top of lies, they messed this plane up to the point that we question whats left and what right. This isnt going to bring me down. Its just sickening to know. Did u get the vids

          • Angel 4 Light
            Jan 09, 2015 @ 21:17:35

            Did u send more? I did some along with the fantastic photos. I will be going to town tomorrow and have use of WiFi.
            Don’t let it get u down. Because we are awake they attack us more. It will not change the end results for them and we are going up.

            You were deceived as many have been. God knows all good and it will make the leap so do not worry.

            These ankle biters are going to the pit and they are insane to think that they can control mankind anymore.

            They have been attacking me in every way possible. I am safer when I sleep with all my Salt Sage and Silver plus Orgone 🙂

            There is a contract removal on my site if you search for it. It seems long but stops the attacks for a while. They do not follow Gods Laws and have violated them over and over.

            We are almost at the finish line and that can’t come soon enough for us EEKers (extremely excited kids)

            The Reptilians have appeared before me many times with and without their evil mini me. Their essence is felt before their appearance and it is sickning and almost paralyzing. They feed off your fear and feel they can overpower you, which they use to do.
            When a child says they are scared of the dark that something is in the closet or under the bed, parents need to cleanse the room and burn sage. Children have a very acute sense of other enities like cats.

            My cat sees orbs, are they good or are these other parasites feeding off of our life force? I see them when I video. Are these guardians? Or what?

            I surely don’t have all the answers, far be it. I am a seeker of truth and child of Adom and Eve. One and Eve created the all. It is sad that our brothers and sisters have turned no incredibly nasty.

            Did you do a black light test on your neck? It really does look like a hand print (actually a claw print)

            Everyone is being chipped and poisoned daily by our wonderful Airforce and Evergreen. They have to take special meditation after each flight. So why do they continue to distroy the Earth and all life. Many are Clones and others have sold out while others seem to enjoy their sick rituals of death. Keep making and gifting your Orgone. Share your knowledge with others, plant seeds where you can and continue to be the Love that God created you to be.

            Prayers are heard, so lets ask for redemption now.

            Sending you Peace Love and Blessings.

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    • Angel 4 Light
      Feb 22, 2015 @ 19:22:53

      It is amazing to say the least. I love your post and it helps to explain many of the things I am experiencing. Thank you for ALL you do. Definitely want to chat with you at the Gathering… Be blessed.


  4. patrick
    Jul 29, 2015 @ 14:37:11

    I really like your writing so much!


  5. Angel 4 Light
    Sep 27, 2015 @ 19:10:22

    Reblogged this on Angel 4 Light and commented:

    I mentioned these photos in an earlier post quite recently. Just thought I would make it available again for all to enjoy. Be blessed


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