YRFT Update- 12-22-14


Flat Earth Biosphere

The following Original post was on http://starshipearththebigpicture.com

I tried but It would not let me reblog without major errors and lost links as I want to give credit to the source so I did include that for you.

Note by AnGeleve:

I am finding more and more people wakening up these days which is thanks to One, Eve and AF for raising our frequencies. I know you have to feel it. We all do.
Here are some of the symptoms people speak about. Can’t sleep or extremely sleepy, tired, dizziness, weird things being heard or seen, ringing tones in both ears or stronger in one ear than the other then a pitch change. I personally feel like I am vibrating inside.

No… you are not going crazy… we are all actually becoming sane again after an Eon of Brain Control and low frequencies designed to keep us enslaved and they worked up until now.

These high tones are the sounds of Freedom Bells ringing.

We are almost home! EEK!

Be blessed. AnGeleve


Photo by Starship Earth The Big Picture

X … I thought that object above Ed was the drill ´s head, Rose said

ROSE : No, thats the area where the skull ships..vah’s…were. Could be broken pieces There is also a pop up piece there, we used to time it. It was on a cycle. I have pic’s in motion, of it popping out then going back in. We were betting it would break off, because it kept coming further and further out. Ed’s a big watch. A clock. That had an area that would spout fire as well. Like a venting mechanism yes, that is the mechanism. You can see the metal part on the right side of that ‘white’ area And…I think we are at the exit already. There is something they are timing We are sitting there

X … (we all use to try to guess the time and day for the leap)

Rose: the minute she does that, the EF alter the construct. Try not to do it. Don’t date or time it. Although, I know from my own strife..its hard for a human being NOT to do that!

X … I had a horrible thought: What if every time we guess the leap date ONE says “damn, they guessed it again – it was too obvious – ok better change it!”

Rose: thats exactly what happens Tell them, instead of guessing ‘when’ say “it happens NOW”. Every minute is “Now” and its on The One’s orders ‘when’ now is. This helps with the hope, and still allows no date

X … I’m not sure if that does keep the hope alive – if we keep saying it’s NOW, when it obviously isn’t that is going to have the opposite effect of building hope

Rose : We are already sitting on the exit. The solstice marks “May”. We go on his orders. It’s counter-intuitive

X … Ok Rose, naturally I can wait, as there is no alternative, but I can’t stop being impatient. Stuff is closing in on me all around – and others here as well – we don’t just want to go – we actually need to escape.

Rose: lmao, him and me both..along with all the other 3 to 7 billion! yeah, its bad. And they are closing in on me too. there’s an old crabby road, with Maxine..news paper cartoon…an old woman name maxine that has an attitude she is at the computer and pushing the ‘escape’ key..caption reads “I keep pushing esc an nothing happens. I’m still here!!”



I love you all dearly! Be blessed, AnGeleve.


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