The Horrific Hollywood Truth

The Horrific Hollywood Behind the Curtain

Thank you, D, for sharing this.

jonbenet ramsey - jonbenet-ramsey Photo

Jonbenet Ramsay whose murder for some reason remains unsolved

Many of us have probably wondered why more savvy Hollywood folks don’t spill the beans about what goes on in Tinsel Town with respect to the Illuminati and their satanic cult. I believe this video explains a lot.

Drugs, blackmail, lies, coercion, manipulation, mind control, prostitution, pornography, sex slaves, human trafficking, ritual sacrifice, murder… it’s all part of the game.

Hollywood… politics… a very small degree of separation. And on it goes… and it’s ramping up.

One look at Miley Cyrus and her lewd antics is a clear sign that mind control is rampant in the industry. Normal people simply do not behave that way unless something is interfering with their morals and judgment. You’ll hear some big names dropped in the video.

Sports is another extension of this satanic disease sweeping the planet. Watch the Super Bowl half time show next weekend and see it creep into the minds of football fans again under the guise of entertainment.  ~ BP

Justin Bieber who is now the subject of questionable behaviour

Hollywood Insider Spills The Beans on Mind Control, Clones, Cults

In the video below youtube videographer, TheScariestMovieEver, has stumbled upon a website that revealed some rather stunning information about an insider from Hollywood who exposes real events that are happening behind the ‘big screen.’ The insider worked in the Entertainment Industry from Broadway to Hollywood and speaks about new information on many celebrities that have never been mentioned before. Everything from mind controlled models, to the truths behind Beauty Pageants, to cloning? A bit of stretch? MAYBE, but I’ll leave that for you to decide…. (the extracted forum thread can be found here.)



Add the video where able Danger tells what really happened

I love you all dearly! Be blessed, AnGeleve.


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