Important Message – We Are Going HOME !!

Urgent Message for the Ground Crew for Feb. 2

Update: Feb. 3, 2015 8:24 am: I had already gone to bed when I wrote this, but Alexandra’s message deserves some prettying  up so I’m adding graphics. It most certainly deserved her photo but iPad doesn’t cooperate in that regard. I was excited to read this and it took awhile to get to sleep.  Who needs sleep?!  Let’s do this! I reminded myself to remain calm, neither too up or down, and listened to Tom Kenyon. It was putting me to sleep, but not for long.

Something must be going on because Mica was a wild and crazy guy for the past several days, but yesterday he was notably mellow and well-behaved. It had to be the energies, which may have felt like the image above, to some. I think he’s our “Micometer”.  And you know what else popped into my head yesterday? The word “frenetic”, and I hadn’t read the Gaia Portal message.  Ommmmmmm…   ~ BP

I just found this at Alexandra Meadors’ blog at the Galactic Connection and wanted to pass it on right away. Keep listening to Tom Kenyon’s sound healing meditation from the Hathors, or whatever grounds and calms you. A number of people have been saying it feels like something is afoot. Thank you, Alexandra. ~ BP

P.S.  Similar message from the Gaia Portal today



Alexandra says…  I have just received “word” that I am to alert The Ground Crew with the following notice immediately.

“Please inform The Ground Crew that we are in an “all hands on deck” status. Each of you is being called to hold your position and be ready. We are asking each of The Crew Members to remain calm and balanced, be consistent in this composure, and be vigilant of any triggers that attempt to derail you. You are being called to hold the space of Truth and Light, as these are YOUR encodements, and your time is NOW to show up with on-going stable resonance. This is one of The most important missions thus far, and because of it, things may not be as they appear. Many who we thought we knew will become exposed for what they truly are. Remember that The Light is gloriously abundant and the Truth Always Prevails.”

OK – so even if you are not consciously aware of your participation in this Ground Crew Operation, you are being requested to REMAIN CALM, STAY BALANCED, AND KNOW THAT THE LIGHT IS PROCEEDING AHEAD. Many times, people have written in thinking that they are failing themselves and humanity because they don’t know their own mission or purpose, but the fact of the matter is most do not know all the details due to the technologies such as mind swiping, remote viewing, and deadly vibratory rays that are consistently used by The Dark to extract crucial information. Most will not be given too many details to keep themselves safe and the mission protected. Please know this.

ALL OF US must band together at this time. There is no more time for dissension, accusations, and maligning because those that are not who they present themselves to be, will soon be decloaked and exposed.

I was shocked that this message came in with such urgency. Something is truly in progress and it feels major….all psychics and intuitives are welcome to add your messages to this. I will share them with the world…

Honored to serve you all – and love you,


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  1. sweetwillowman
    Feb 05, 2015 @ 07:48:55

    Reblogged this on SweetWillowman.


  2. dawnofdivinerays
    Feb 05, 2015 @ 12:44:56

    Reblogged this on Dawn of Divine Rays and commented:
    We are Ready!!!!


    • Angel 4 Light
      Feb 05, 2015 @ 18:47:28

      Put on your virtual dancing shoes… I plan to dance my way around the room for the Gathering. So exciting !!!


      • dawnofdivinerays
        Feb 06, 2015 @ 00:32:25

        Me too!! My heart has been ‘quickening’ for a long while now .. the excitement has been mounting and .. expecting the unexpected .. is thoroughly breath taking. Sending much love and bright Reiki blessings to All as One … possibly dancing too .. Namaste


        • Angel 4 Light
          Feb 06, 2015 @ 16:17:03

          Don’t know if the other reply was posted… my kitty was wanting special attention and if I turn my phone a certain way … what I write disappears.
          I feel like a child at the Fair standing in line for a most exciting ride of a lifetime, and as we move closer to our gate the excitment is causing me to feel light headed. I am there already. Sending loads of Love and Blessings


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