Secret Space Program – Project Paperclip – and More

Clark McClelland and Kerry Cassidy on the Secret Space Program, Project Paperclip, and More Disclosure

I listened to this last night and boy does Clark share a lot of fascinating, unique intel.

What got my attention initially is the Dyson Sphere and another planetary body he says have been traveling toward Earth for some time that are a million miles in diameter and more. He is now out of the loop and doesn’t know the status of these spheres.

He also saw a 9-foot being in the cargo bay of a NASA craft as well as ducking down in the crew compartment.

Clark is 80 years old, and Kerry cuts him some slack, for which I’m glad. He is clearly in a rough place, thanks to the US government.

He began to collect information about the things he saw going on around him when he enjoyed a high clearance position at NASA but they found out and fired him.

They also refused to honour the retirement funds he was fully entitled to and he is now living in poverty on social security and in poor health and pain, trying to earn money by writing a book exposing what he knows, chapter by chapter.

He’s a dear old chap and needs help. Donations accepted. He is also selling “moon gold photos” of a moon walk with gold that went to the moon and then back again. He confirms astronauts most definitely landed and walked on the moon and that there are bases there on both the front and back sides.

Apollo15-moon-gold-photo_v2Own a unique framed photo with a historically significant piece of 24K Gold Kapton that went to the moon and back as part of the Apollo 15 Lunar Lander

If you’re a history buff, you will marvel at all the people Clark met and worked with over the years and the pieces of our past he is releasing. It’s quite a history lesson and there are several other interviews Kerry Cassidy did with Clark as he completes various chapters of his book. What a tome that will be when it’s all put together. He is selling the chapters individually to supplement his $1200/month Social Security cheque.

Nazi bell

The audio starts off low but Kerry adjusts it right away and most of the interview is fairly easy to hear.

His website: Great website.  ~ BP

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