Universal Vaccinations for Children will be Overseen by Committee which Accepts Vaccine Manufacturer

Universal Vaccinations for Children will be Overseen by Committee which Accepts Vaccine Manufacturer… – http://wp.me/p35maN-4Ah


This is eugenics of all of our children.  People you must wake up and put your children number 1 in your life or these evil lizzards will kill us all, starting with our children. Once our children are gone then they will come for you. They start with the defenseless innocence then they will do like they did in Nazi Germany.

Who is doing this to us? Demons in skinsuits. Jinn, the Vril. Lizzards and Draconians. We have never been alone. We as Mankind need to stand United, now more than ever.

Mankind needs to get their heads out of their arses now. We need Love to overcome this evil. Do not be a minion to these goons who will feed on you once their food source is depleted.

It is about enslaving us all. We have been slaves but were blind. Don’t let race enter into any conversation. They hate Muslims because they can’t get them to go into debt with these evil banksters.
Who is pulling the strings? Chemical Companies and the Banks. It is a Trillion dollar industry. If your health is compromised you accept their lies.

The answer is to pull your children out of public schools Now! Home school them, form a community homeschooling program.

This bill is insane. Call your sell out representatives and tell them “Hell No!”

When are you going to stand up for innocence?

If parents do not allow their children to be poisoned, then the Nazis will come for them called Children’s Services. Why? They say they own them body and soul, that you are only the informant. Read the birth certificate.

You will not be able to protest it because they think they own us all = NOT!

Schools are open prisons, children are being indoctrinated.

Why did they kill so many doctors recently? Because they were telling people what is in the shots. These vaccines are lethal. If your child survives, they will have health issues that will ruin most people. This is perfect for these evil bas-tards. They will have the dumbed down compliant slave that they want.

Please take a stand parents! Don’t allow your precious children to fall victim to this tyranny.

Be blessed

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    Dec 10, 2015 @ 14:56:47

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