Pacific Patriots Network arrives at Oregon occupation, acting as liaison, security detail » Intellihub



Great story! The link above is well worth reading.

I ask that all freedom loving Americans read and share the letter posted below before it is removed.

Please read this very important  information that Judge Anna sent to Sheriff Ward. This information is HOT and vital education for all Americans who want Freedom again.

I congratulate Pete Santilli on his wonderful work of TV coverage to these issues of the ranchers in Oregon, but he should go the extra mile by reading the following letter on air, so that this is a truth brigade. Let us blow our horns and ring the bells of Liberty once more!

The entire world knows what us going on in America, but most Americans are clueless.

This letter by Judge Anna, spells out all that the so-called government has done. The oligarchs rule the District of Columbia only and their paid slaves.

We can all change America if we print out a copy of this letter, send it to your local sheriffs have these guys come back under the “We The People ” Constitution.

The Nazis in the District of Columbia have waged Wars killing off our brave young men and women. Their FEMA camps will overflow with these very nazis when all the people read this truth.

Please read, copy and share before it is removed.


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