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RE: Official Statement for Immediate Release

January 20, 2016

In a weak attempt to publicly discredit the Idaho 3% and Pacific Patriot Network and to herd the public into a state of fear and opposition, the Harney County Sheriff’s office released on statement on January 19, 2016.

Not only does the statement contain blatant lies and misrepresentations, it shows no effort in exposing the corrupt and conspiring nature of the Sheriff and Judge Grasty. It also fails to show the growing community support for the Pacific Patriots Network. The statements made are an obvious attempt to associate a peaceful operation of the Pacific Patriot Network with criminal activity. The statements are refuted in the following point by point rebuttal: Oregon State Police report having stopped a vehicle for a lighting violation. The driver was arrested for being uninsured, switched license plates, and Felon in possession of a firearm. This man was in no way connected to the Pacific Patriots Network, or affiliates.The individual arrested for Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle was acting on his own accord. The decision to use the vehicle for a trip to the grocery store was not directed or authorized by the organizers nor does that behavior align with the behavior that has been demonstrated by the occupiers.

In regards to the individual involved in the vehicle slide off, having no operator license is hardly grounds for inciting fear of hellacious criminal activity in the Burns community. Accidents do occur quite frequently nationwide and have in Burns many times prior to this; we’re not about to condemn those involved as domestic terrorists.

The message from Sheriff Ward also mentions the “armed intermediaries” who are harassing members of the media and conducting surveillance on law enforcement.

Any quick visit to the Burns area will reveal a different story, a story that shows heavily armed federal agents in force following people, surveying people, and creating fear among a small community. You will also find traffic stops being conducted with 2 and 3 police cars at a time to show a “command” presence while stopping a local female, which also instills fear.

Relationships between the media, the Idaho 3%, and Pacific Patriots Network are cordial and friendly.

The Sheriff or the FBI fail to mention the federal agents posing as militia who were caught trying to gain access to the armory.

These provocateurs have been put into place to provoke armed conflict as seen by the heavily armed FBI agents, which the Pacific Patriots Network does not support.In addition to the Sheriff becoming an obedient lapdog to Federal oversight, he has ordered that 911 calls from the areas surrounding the refuge and the airport be ignored. This is blatant dereliction of duty. Ward, in conjunction with the FBI, have begun coordinating with medical personal in establishing trauma units that have the ability to handle large amounts of casualties. These efforts are being sold as ‘Standard Operating Procedures’. If this were to be true, these procedures would have been implemented upon arriving in Burns, not 3 weeks later.At a recent community Town Hall meeting, Judge Steve Grasty made it abundantly clear that his door is ‘always open’ to comments and suggestions from the public concerning the situation in Burns.

This is in stark contrast to the current state of the Courthouse. The building has been barricaded with roadblocks, cyclone fencing, and armed guards. This type of defensive posturing is unnecessary and makes public servants unavailable to the taxpayers. This seems to be the typical behavior of Grasty as he has bullied a small community for several years by exerting a power that he does not have. He has made it clear to County employees that if they are caught speaking with the Idaho 3%, Pacific Patriots Network, or anyone else from this situation they could be terminated.
He has further violated the 1st Amendment of the community members and employees by telling them that he has the control to keep them from using a County Building to hold meetings.

This seems to be a common behavior for Judge Grasty as we are finding further evidence of these types of behavior, which would be considered illegal and of an unmoral character.Sheriff Ward and the FBI have yet to respond or acknowledge the peaceful Articles of Resolution provided by the Occupiers. Instead, they have launched a smear campaign to discredit the grievances against federal encroachment and wish to associate Constitutional Rights with illicit, violent extremism.

The Pacific Patriots network will continue to advocate for peaceful resolution and open dialogue as we have done since we have been on location in Burns, the only party who has failed to communicate has been Sheriff Ward, the FBI, and Judge Grasty.

They have however become experts at manipulating the media narrative in an attempt to divide the community and spread misinformation and fear, which will not be tolerated.

Idaho III%

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. America On Coffee
    Jan 21, 2016 @ 22:51:21

    I suppose my initial understanding was wrong being that I would rather watch South Korean or Japanese, the internet/blog news instead of the powerless and celebrity status-seeking usa news anchors whose delivery is gagged. I will definitely share your post. I must admit, I am delighted that all is hitting the fan. Somehow, there will be a ‘BiG Coming Together’ (Oregon, Texas, etc., against the huge sorts of corruption and tyranny) to take back our country and ensure that justice will be served. Thank you for your ‘Big Light’ in all of this!


    • Angel 4 Light
      Jan 23, 2016 @ 09:03:36

      Wow, so sweet. Thank you. I spend many hours studing and digging. I could have been a detective in a former life. I just can’t let go of any important issue without getting down to the bear facts, no matter what crud will surface. We must take the lambs wool off of the fox and expose tyranny for what it is.

      My intuition has served me well. As it is the key to my research.

      I don’t give lame stream interviews or comments a second of time, it just lowers my frequency. I don’t read scripts or get paid to report the news.

      I feel this Event in Burns is Historic and could be the bandaid pulled off of a major sore. We won’t like what is uncovered, but we need to be ready. For this thing has been festering


  2. America On Coffee
    Jan 21, 2016 @ 22:52:52


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