LaVoy Finicum – THIS IS A MUST SEE!!

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Originally posted March 8, 2016

LaVoy Finicum – THIS IS A MUST SEE!!





WARNING: This video contains graphic footage.

Investigators release synced video of LaVoy Finicum traffic stop and shooting.

Courtesy Central Oregon Major Incident Team

Published on Mar 8, 2016

America has it’s own ‘military’ – not the NATO / NWO military but the PEOPLE of this nation.

If and when there is no police force or military in the Republic to arrest, prosecute and enforce punishment on the traitors, murderers, thieves, liars and enemies within this nation, then it is time for THE PEOPLE to get the job done, be it by swearing in deputies, or by responsible vigilante or guerilla warfare.

Beware of enemies within militia groups, the NRA and the Oath Keepers.

KNOW YOUR ASSOCIATES and use discernment and caution at all times.

Posted by Olive Oyl


I have added a few more videos to help you understand what happened. This was a Government Psyop. The terrorist government  knew about the protest over the Hammonds being railroaded into prison and set things in motion. Remember they listen to all you say and watch all you do.

From something I read, I will try to find the source for you later and update this for you, but it has been stated that this Burns Oregon issue was a set up by the mercenaries, (formerly known as Blackwater) pretending to be FBI or officials, they are thugs and killers for hire. You need to know that these are all foreign agents, they do not have jurisdiction over us. The keys were left in the vehicles and building of this public refuge. The article spoke of the Pioate tribe given large sums of money from the BLM for their gambling casinos as hush money or ?. This could be why the first nations people would not meet with LaVoy to discuss land loss or their artifacts being mishandled and stored in a basement instead of a museum.

Regarding the so called weapon found on LaVoy, here are a few videos that show

1) LaVoy was unarmed
2) The mercenaries posing as FBI agents planted a weapon on LaVoy’s dead body

LaVoy Finicum KILLED By Blue Jeans Idiots? New Evidence Video From Burns!

LaVoy Finicum and WHY They Killed Him

Charges against the murdering paid mercenaries who ambushed & murdered LaVoy Finicum.

KrisAnne Hall Discusses Killing of LaVoy Finicum

LaVoy Finicum’s widow-Jeanette


Tribute to Lavoy Finicum – and what he stood for!

Brought to you by

and the creator of the video DarkKnightNomeD

There still is a call out for mail. All updated information can be found at the Facebook Group, all links provided.

Remember these Patriots are only guilty of educating people on the Original American Constitution. The Refuge is a public facility, meaning it does not belong to the Feds (the FBI, BLM and the mercenaries are all foreign agents). The keys were left in the building and vehicles. There was no crime committed. It was a peaceful sit-in and the line drawn in the sand by “We The People”.

Like LaVoy stated so many times, you have to make a stand, these people did and all truth is being shown.

Our dear Patriots are in solidarity confinement. It is said, that this is a means to break ones spirit. But I believe that LaVoy’s Spirit roams those cells and brings comfort to his fellow Americans who dared to stand up against an out of control Government with LaVoy.

These political prisoners could use some positive words from the home front, so please click on this link below to learn more on how you can lift their spirits or help their families at this time.

Click Here

Sending out prayers of Hope, of Love and renewed Faith in GOD’s Devine Unconditional Love for us all.



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