Aloe Vera – The Plant Of Immortality?

Is Aloe Vera The Plant Of Immortality?



40 Ways To Use Aloe Vera:

1. Pamper yourself to a soothing body rub. Slice aloe leaves lengthwise and use the inner sides as a biodegradable body scrub in the shower.

2. Treat burns from minor mishaps in the kitchen—from grease splatters or hot utensils.

3. For more major kitchen mishaps like a scald, mix some aloe gel and vitamin E oil into a little jar for a homemade burn healer.

4. Banish black and blue bruises by swapping on the good goo.

5. Soothe and heal sunburns the feel-good way. Aloe contains cooling properties similar to menthol.

6. Take the sting or itch out of insect bites.

7. Reduce tissue damage from frostbite.

8. Alleviate mysterious rashes.

9. Make feet baby soft with an exfoliating foot mask by mixing together a half cup of oatmeal, a half cup of corn meal, four tbsp. of aloe vera gel and a half cup of unscented body lotion.

10. Help heal herpes outbreaks.

11. Fight Athlete’s Foot.

12. Swab over blisters for quick relief.

13. Use as an antidote to allergic skin reactions.

14. Replace creams and lotions as a general moisturizer for dry skin. Aloe is fast absorbing!

15. Prevent pesky pimples and treat acne.

16. Soothe Psoriasis.

17. Prevent scarring and stretch marks.

18. Help rid of Rosacea.

19. Shrink warts.

20. Reverse signs of aging skin and wrinkles. Cleopatra did!

21. Help eliminate Eczema.

22. Brighten skin. Aloe can decrease pigmentation and dark spots.

23. Make skin new again with an exfoliating, organic sugar scrub by mixing together two tbsp. of aloe vera, 2 tbsp. of organic brown sugar and 1 tsp. of organic lemon juice.

24. For rougher patches mix together an organic salt skin scrub using two cups of sea salt, one cup of aloe vera, one cup of organic coconut oil and two tbsp. of local, organic honey.

25. Speed up hair growth by massaging aloe into the scalp, letting it sit for 30 minutes, and rinsing.

26. Reduce hair dandruff by mixing aloe vera juice with coconut milk and wheat germ oil. Massage into scalp and rinse.

27. Replace aloe with conditioner for silkier, smoother hair.

28. Remove eye makeup.

29. Treat minor vaginal irritations.

29. Treat minor vaginal irritations.

30. Drink aloe vera juice to relieve gastrointestinal disorders like indigestion.

31. Sip it to aid in elimination. Many times, it’s recommended for its laxative effects.

32. Take a swig to reduce symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome including bloating and discomfort.

33. Take aloe orally to relieve heartburn, arthritis and rheumatism pain.

34. Boil leaves in a pan of water and breathe in the vapor to alleviate asthma.

35. Drink to lower blood sugar levels especially for diabetics.

36. Strengthen gums and promote strong, healthy teeth by taking orally or use toothpaste with aloe vera ingredients.

37. Drink to help ease congestion, stomach ulcers, colitis, hemorrhoids, urinary tract infections and prostate problems.

38. Take orally to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides for a healthy heart.

39. Sip to minimize inflammation and infection of the eye and ear.

40. Toast to its general detoxifier and health boosting qualities!

Aloe Vera was affectionately dubbed as “plant of immortality,” by the Egyptians over 6,000 years ago.

This awesome green gem succulent has always been regarded as a natural healer and known for its ability to diminish the signs of aging. It has a rich history of various cultures and personalities who used the plant’s moist middle in a plethora of practical uses.

Cleopatra  bathed in a mixture of milk and Aloe Vera juice to keep her skin youthful looking.

Like Cleopatra who applied the gel to her body as part of her beauty regimen, the ancient Greeks used it to cure everything from baldness to insomnia. The Native Americans called Aloe Vera the “Wand of the Heaven.”

Aloe Vera produces at least six natural antiseptics, which are able to kill mold, bacteria, funguses, and viruses. The plant is so powerful that researchers and scientists are looking into its potential as an AIDS and cancer-fighter. In fact the Mayo Clinic has been using Aloe Vera to treat serious infections and burns for some time now.

You will notice that there are a bounty of products available today with Aloe Vera. These are worth investigating. Read the labels. If it has any chemical ingredients at all, don’t invest your money.

home grown aloe

My thoughts is to grow your own Aloe Vera, in doors. In olden times many people would have it growing on a window seal near the kitchen. It would provide instant relief to the minor burn mishaps that could happen in the kitchen, or used as a fix it pharmacy for mom’s little ones who would come in with cuts and scrapes.

Easy To grow:

Plant in wide containers with a well-draining potting mix, such as for cacti/succulents.
Place in indirect sunlight or artificial light.

Water aloe deeply but then allow the soil to dry at least 1 to 2 inches deep between waterings, in order to discourage rot; water even less in winter.

Aloe plants produce offsets or plantlets or “babies” that can be removed to produce an entirely new plant.

Knock your Aloe out of its pot and find where the offsets are attached. Sever them from the mother plant with a knife. Allow the cuts on the offsets and the mother plant to callus over for a day or two. Pot them in a standard potting mix. Put in a sunny location. Wait a week to water and keep the soil on the dry side.

aloe vera

To juice or use the raw essentials from the plant:
Just clip off a small portion of a leaf. Split it down the middle to extract the miracle gel.
This gel can be applied directly to burns, wounds or made into a juice by placing the gel into a blender with your favorite fruit or fruit juice.

No matter how you decide to use your Aloe plant, it is charming and a treasure to own. A growing first aid kit for the entire family.

Next time you venture to your local nursery, keep this plant on your to get list. You will not regret it.

Is this plant harmful to animals or children?  Most certainly not.

There are a number of Aloe Vera products available today for both pets and babies.

Read the properties of Aloe as stated above. If it helps to heal herpies, then why can’t it be a great product to help prevent or relieve diaper rash?

Do not use Vaseline on your precious baby, it is a petroleum product and stops up the skin from breathing and allows the skin to absorb the toxins of the petroleum. Also Baby Oil is the same thing.

I personally trust GOD’s miracle plants vs any chemical products out there. Time has proven that Mother Earth has been our greatest resource.

I do not trust or use any products that are not hand made. So if I don’t make it or get it from a trusted source, it will not become part of my life.

We need to all learn to be self sustaining individuals and stop feeding the beast.

Start a community co-op, or find one locally.

Grow what you are most proficient at and trade with others who are most proficient at the things you are not.

Grow in green houses. Look up hydrophonics.

Do your research. Knowledge is power.

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