Deception – Blows the Lid off of the Cancer Industry

I am sharing this information with you to help you and others to spread the word.

We have been so deceived by the so called Health Industry. Let’s look at the words clearly and understand their meanings. Industry means to profit and the Drug Lords can not profit if you are well. Health only means the opposite to these vultures. They can only reap profit if you are not healthy. So it should be called a Sick Industry, where as they make you sick with their GMO, Fluoride, Chemtrails, Frequencies, Vaccines, and the multitude of Drugs the MD (Mad Doctors) have been pushing for decades.

Great studies have been made but not from the Cancer Societies who have you donate your good money to promote their scams to fight the dis-eases. The patents for many of the Dis-eases are owned by the CDC. Think about the name: Center FOR Disease CONTROL, and it will start making sense.

I am not anti Government or Health, by no means. I am against lies, and Eugenics which is being massively practiced on a scale that is mind blowing.

I plan to watch and share this Video with everyone I can. I hope you will do the same!


When I was young, the first time I ever heard of Cancer was on “Love Story”. How ironic that Ryan O’Neil had to deal with a real love story that would pull in the entire world. Our sweet Farrah Fawcett was given cancer as well as, our young hero Patrick Swayze. These were the faces of the All American Sweethearts, and their deaths touched us all.  These are only a few of the faces that came into our homes and helped us escape for a moment. There are many others whose stories didn’t get the big press they deserved such as these wonderful people and those who have touched us personally through our lives, our own family and friends.

Personally, I do not know of anyone who has not suffered from the effects of Cancer or that it has touched someone in their personal circle of friends or family.

I lost several members in my family and too many friends to Cancer.  One thing I know for fact that it is the cure that is being pushed by the Drug Industry that does the irreversible damage to their immune systems.  Chemo, Radiation, Surgery. All designed to rake in the money for the Cancer Industry.

I share this information to watch this Documentary in hopes that you will also share this with others. We need to take back our Health from the snake oil salesmen who only have one goal and that is to rape you of every dollar you own, and your very life.

Be Blessed.


CoFounder The Truth About Cancer

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