How to Cure Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) Naturally

How to Cure Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) Naturally

John Bergman 

Originally Published on Jul 25, 2013

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How to Cure Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) Naturally

First fix the neck to cure carpal tunnel syndrome- get a number 32 rubber band wrap it around your fingers and learn one of the greatest exercises ever to cure carpal tunnel syndrome.

Note from Angel4Light:


Wow! I am proud to share this wonderful informative video with you guys.

I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome years ago and had the surgery on both hands. My Carpel Tunnel was so bad that my fingers on my left hand collapsed, in other words I could not get them to cooperate, they just flopped around. It was the last three fingers, not only were these completely numb and useless the index finger and thumb were also useless because of the shooting pains.

The battery of test you need to suffer through for this syndrome is a torture that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

The surgeries well but I was left with hideous scars, and guess what? You can get Carpal Tunnel again.

I am currently suffering from it and this Video will prove to be a life saver for me.

I have sworn off Quacks and Hospitals for going on 10 years now and will never go back.

My last trust in Allopathic Doctors nearly killed me. They only spoon feed you dope and more dope. My eyes begain to bleed internally from the meds. My memory was being liquidated and my health was sinking fast. I couldn’t walk and couldn’t see. Then with my memory going fast, it was a quick call out to GOD. I cried for help and it came in the form of my Father’s sweet voice. My Father had left this existence but was sent to render the guidance that I needed.

I was told that many of my problems were due to diet, that we are not getting the nutrition we need to sustain a healthy body.

He asked me if I still had the tape that he gave me when he was here. I responded that I do, but I had just moved and it was boxed up and in storage and I had no idea where it would be, because I did not do the packing and nothing had been marked.

Daddy sad in a sweet voice, not to worry but to take my husband to the storage unit and he would guide me to it.

My husband knows that I have always had the gift and didn’t question me, but immediately drove me to the storage facility and to our unit. It was a 12 x 12 unit stacked to the max, having a small pathway in the middle by luck.

My husband had to guide me towards the unit (because I was blind) and then my Daddy took over guiding me through the darkness to the plastic tub that had the tape. I pointed to the tub and it was removed from the unit by my husband. My husband didn’t want to take the tub home as we still had many boxes that we were still unloading and didn’t need more. I told my Daddy this and he aske me to hold out my hand and that he would guide it to the tape. Sure enough, as my husband looked on in amazement, my hand went inside the tub and reached exactly to the spot of the tape and pulled it out.

Now all this communication is done in my head, but I could hear my Daddy’s voice as clear as if he were standing right beside me. In fact we felt his presence and it was one of pure love.

So on the way home Daddy told us to put the tape into the tape drive of our truck, and as we listened to the tape we begain to understand the importance of nutrition and how the foods we had been eating were causing the ailment and the prescription drugs were like a fuse on a time bomb. They only mask the problems and even cause more.

My friend had received a message to call me and invite me to a seminar that weekend. It was for the Doctor who’s tape was the one my Daddy gave me. “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” Doctor Joel Wallach.

I followed my Daddy’s advice and purchased all the minerals and vitamins that would help me. Daddy said to cleanse my colon, stop all drugs and take the vitamins and minerals as I should.
Within 5 weeks, I noticed a hugh difference. I had stopped using the walker and my memory had improved, my vision had returned and I was on the road of health that I would never venture from again.

Being sick, or in pain from lack of nutrition is what you would expect from a third world country. Have we regressed to a third world country?

Look around and see the dwindling health of people who you would not think would ever have issues.

Stop eating Junk Food.

Be blessed.




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  1. Beverly
    Apr 23, 2016 @ 00:28:26

    Enjoyed reading your blog today. It is amazing how you made such a turn around. Bless you and may others be blessed by your knowledge and love.


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