21- Over 200 native american indians has reclaimed their lands as sovereign..

Looks like First Nations People are tired of the Corporate BS and are reclaiming their lands. What does that mean for the 50 Corporate States? The Corporate BS has to end.

I posted prior to this about our DeJure Republic being reformed and notice given.

First thing is to remove all Private Banks. They are the seeds of Satan and have spun the evil Wars and evil corruption throughout this Nation and the World. Enough is enough. We shall barter for our goods and services. This way no one will have debts, just personally obligations to those they trade with. How did the Indian do commerce? We need to go back to basics. This too will open opportunities for people. No registration, no license just fairness to one another. The tares will vanish and we as brothers and sisters will learn to grow together. The Event is happening as we each raise our vibration of love for each other and this beautiful biosphere. Love and Blessings to us all.


21- over 200 native american indians has reclaimed their lands as sovereign..

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