The Negotiations

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

I was granted the presence, the possibility, the right to witness as well as take part in the negotiations for world peace.

Others were there. The secret projects were, in part, in preparation for these experiences.

We are in a transitory position in Humanity’s existence. All life on Earth is affected just as much as it is being affected by the current spiritual and physical degradation.

I was informed that the ‘elite’ we know of as rulers are not the original nor total elite. That the true elite has watched over our civilization since the beginning and has no need to meddle in affairs.

They said the ‘power elite’ was granted wealth and knowledge so that they could mediate between the unaware of Humanity and the power to control or deviate from the mundane reality of this civilization.

It was said that this power elite had gone too far, taken…

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