This Natural Recipe Will Clear Your Lungs – Even If You Smoke More Than 5 Years!

This Natural Recipe Will Clear Your Lungs – Even If You Smoke More Than 5 Years!


All of those who smoke passive or active or are exposed to some kind of air pollution are prone to illnesses and should take care of their respiratory system.

People from the big cities are exposed more to the modern pollution of air and if they are smokers also, the risk of diseases associated with the respiratory system is higher.

Most common respiratory diseases are bronchitis, asthma, and cough.

Scary as it sounds, either way you should be aware of the dangers and try to prevent such diseases. That why this recipe is amazing to clear the lungs. This recipe is supported by numerous scientists, which is also a prevention of cancer development.



1.  1 Small piece of Ginger Root
2.  2 tsp Turmeric
3.  1 Liter Water
4.  400 g Peeled and chopped garlic
5.  400 g Sugar (brown sugar is preferable)

1.  Take a medium size of the container and pour 1 liter of water in it.
2.  Add 400 gm of sugar to it and let it boil for a while.
3.  Later add 1 small piece of ginger, garlic and 2 tsp of turmeric to it.
4.  Let the mixture boil properly and stir it regularly.
5.  Take off the heat and let the solution cool to room temperature.
6.  Store the drink in a glass bottle in the refrigerator.

How to use it?
It is recommended to consume 2 tbsp of the drink every day on an empty stomach in the morning and repeat the dose of 2 tbsp at evening after the last meal.


Note from Angel4Light:

Another remedy which I have been using has been using a humidifier with the following ingredients:

Peppermint Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Colts foot tea (I make a tea from the dried herb)
I have added Pine Oil (not the one we clean with, but could be the same thing, this one comes from the health food store)

I put 10 – 20 drops or more of each into the water Reservoir of the humidifier.

As the water needs to be refilled in the Humidifier so are my ingredients. I may run out of Coats foot tea, but will continue with my mix without it. I may go a day or two without the Colts Foot in the mix and that is fine.

I had serious asthma and for anyone knowing this condition, can relate to the situation.

I no longer suffer because I also have boosted my immune system by eating only the food we grow and taking vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin C is a big factor in helping my immune system cope with trying to breathe the polluted Chemtrail air that our Government has been spraying on the population for years. I take 500 mg twice a day.

Can’t recall having the Flu or Cold for many years. I also put peppermint oil / eucalyptus oil mixture around each nostril when going out in public places. I take hand sanitizer to keep my hands clean. It works.

No asthma attacks in years since doing this. No I do not smoke, nor can I be around it.

I wish you good health and remember that knowledge is power. Get empowered and research everything, you will be amazed at what you find.

First and foremost, I do not believe that a chemical of any kind will heal us. I avoid all chemicals and have gone totally natural.  There are great books out there, I should know, I own more than several dozen and can’t stop reading. The old folklore books were filled with remedies that were used, all natural and actually work without side effects.


Nature is the Key to longevity and most important is Knowledge, for with out this knowledge you would spray toxins on your yard to kill the very plants that really heal while giving yourself, family and pets cancer causing chemicals.


Be blessed


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