POKEMON GO — CIA Elite Brainwashing – ALERT!!!

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Humanity is on a divergent track, one in which the masses are being purposefully diverted from their natural path of evolution in consciousness! Pokemon Go is a huge upgrade to intensifying the electronic Orwellian surveillance system of the CIA, NSA, and elite


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This post is from Adam Lawrence Foreman on FB
July 21, 2016


Because Pokemon GO has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons in my opinion (it’s a mind control program created indirectly and funded by the CIA),
there is a new set of games coming to the Nintendo 3DS called Pokemon MOON and Pokemon SUN. I’ve attached a few images to demonstrate that the symbols
used in the game and on the front cover of these games relates to the Worship of SET and Egyptology.

1. Pokemon Logos for Sun & Moon.
2. The Winged Disk of Nibiru and the Sun god.
3. ED or the Sun (as NASA tells you it is)
4. Roman Centurion Flag
5. The Great SEAL (your soul is sealed here) of America
6. The National Security Agency holding the Silver Key to the Underworld that is
owned by SET.
7. The Holy See of the Vatican. The Silver key is the portal or gate to the Underworld and the Golden Key is the gate or portal to the the kingdom of Mankind. The Ropes through the keys represents travel through portals/gates.

The three tiered crown is the Tree of Life and the higher kingdoms and the galactic plain.

You will find that all symbolism all goes back to Egyptology and SET. SET owns the Abyss (where you live) and the Underworld. None of what you know is true.

You are living in a prison construct inside the Abyss that in the past has been RESET each time we woke up. This isnt happening now.
ED the controller of time within the construct can’t perform the RESET anymore. More and more
people have woken up to the truth and now see this “world” for what it truly is.









For more in-depth understanding about SET and ED, you should watch “The Lies NASA told”



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