Ammon Bundy: Please Share this with friends

Ammon’s Statement on the Outrageous Abuse of Ryan Bundy (Get Organized and Ready World wide)

Gary Larrabee 

Published on Aug 12, 2016


Note from Angel4Light:

Prayer warriors please pray for these precious innocent people who have been captured by the Nazi System and unjustly treated. Pray without ceasing for all corruption to end and that the power of Love will shine in all hearts on this beautiful Vah.

The whole thing about Oregon was the uranium mines, which is easily proven now that Hitlery is deeply involved as well as her Nazi Satan loving friends. Wikileaks has exposed this corrupt evil, but more shall made known soon.

Meditate or Pray it is the same if you talk to Source Creator and the Angels and ask for help for all innocents. It is a proven fact that the more we all pray or meditate together with one heart towards one goal “Unconditional Love” for all, this will transform all the darkness.

It looks like Truth is coming out fast. But Justice seems slow I know. Be brave precious hearts and know that we are the Light Warriors and we came here to this Prison Biosphere to shine the light and help raise the frequency so that we can all live in peace.

For those following the dark side, it is time to stop and reflect. Karma is a real deal and you will have to suffer the same treatment or worse. Please turn your hearts back to The One Infinite Creator who made us all from love.

To all the Light Warriors, spread the word and shine your light of Truth and Love.

Be blessed




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