Is Hillary In Secret Med Facility Dying Of Sepsis While Her Clone Is Campaigning?

Hillary Dying Of Sepsis Encephalopathy In Secret Med Facility – (JRense)

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Originally Published on Sep 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton talks to CNN’s Andersoon Cooper via phone health-transparency/index.html

Audio is the spoken voice of Hillary Rodham Clinton. However the quick chat with Anderson Cooper was scripted and rehearsed which is why it sounds canned.

Remember, “This is CNN.”


Hillary Clinton is in a high-security, secluded and private, intensive care unit with 4:1 nursing 24/7. She also has a team of physicians representing practically every medical specialty. There are no other patients anywhere
near her secure care setting.

She is dying of Sepsis. She is on broad-spectrum “big-gun” antibiotics to treat the pneumonia. However she is still severely immuno-compromised and the antibiotics are not anticipated to be curative. The pneumonia has continued to worsen and cause further damage to her lungs.

She has been trach’d and PEG’d. She is on ventilator support with high FiO2 at low tidal volume. She is receiving nutritional feeds through her PEG tube. She was able to speak and spoke over the phone with Mr. Cooper with the aid of a Passy-Muir valve.

Aggressive fluid resuscitation in combination with vasopressor support were successful in making her hemodynamically stable for the time being. She is conscious and partially oriented. However, vasopressor support is now maxed out and fluid resuscitation is already leading to third-spacing. APACHE scores indicate extremely high mortality.

Efforts to keep her oxygenated with mechanical ventilation is causing further damage to her lungs. ECMO is not an option. Her acute lung injury is expected to progress to ARDS, to multisystem organ failure, and then to clinical death.

Palliative measures have been recommended but have not been accepted. Advance healthcare directive stands. Designated agent for medical decisions (Chelsea?) refuses DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) status. Agent demands full code and complete and total heroic measures.

She will never be allowed to be seen in the public eye again, even on television. Expect a closed casket ceremony due to the third-spacing. 

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Mental status rapidly declined over past 24 hours. Arousable by loud voice commands, but immediately lapses into stupor without further response.

MAP failed to improve with further increase in norepinephrine.
CPP 50 despite increase of ventilatory rate in an effort to decrease ICP.
Cererbal perfusion disturbances were observed on repeated TCDs.
Diffusion-weighted imaging – cytotoxic and vasogenic edema as well as neuronal damage
EEG – not utilized due to continued benzodiazepine infusion
Global Irreversible Brain Damage caused by Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy.

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Hillary Dying Of Sepsis Encephalopathy 
In Secret Med Facility – Report



Note – We received this from an unverified source. That said, it closely mirrors the general conclusions Dr. James Fetzer and I arrived at Thursday, 9-14-16. Given all the observable data, we believe Hillary Clinton is either deceased or is likely and logically in a secret medical facility located in the rear half of Chelsea’s condominium on the fourth floor she owns in a New York residential building. Hillary was most likely taken straight there, right past Bellevue Hospital, after her full body seizure and total collapse at the 9/11 memorial last Sunday. Meanwhile, the NWO will continue to push Hillary’s body double as if Hillary had made an astonishing recovery, lost 20-30 pounds, looks far younger and has suddenly never been more eloquent and articulate giving a campaign speech (in North Carolina). We also note the absence of her long-time top aide, Huma Abedin – Jeff Rense 

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Note from Angel4Light:

The entity parading around as Hitlery is either a Clone or a Body Double (paid actor look alike). You will never see it in a true Debate. It has limited functions.

I admit that I am dissappointed that we can’t watch HildaBeast on trial in her Orange Jumpsuit.


She is possessed of Demons but even they have trouble keeping that witch alive.

Hitlery’s ticket has been cashed in by the one they have been worshipping for so long, be it Lucifer or Satan, that story is quickly ending. Send her back to Source for repair.


For those who don’t think Cloning is a lie, then watch the following video where Dan Rather is interviewing a mad scientist who is creating GMO Humans: how? by cell manipulation, so no sperm needed, no Human Parents. This has been around for many years but kept quite. How do you think two men like Obummer and his Husband have children? Either clones or adoption or stolen.

Clones are the topic but it is offered up as a nice alternative for Women who can’t have children or Gays. This strange disclosure (Interview) is presented as breaking news at the 4:23 mark. Shocking, I think not, So we all have many clones of ourselves, everytime they steal your DNA, they create a body double of you. You give blood at the Doctors office or hospital. Some of your Clones are used as sex slaves, others as super soliders, to blackmail congress into giving them more money. Who is behind this evil program? Nazis and DARPA…  See Videos below…

Also watch the following clip to see who is behind the MKUltra programs.

MILABS who are those responsible

Here is still more information.

U.S. Dept. of Defense Super Soldiers: They’re nothing like you thought

DARPA has created “Super Soldiers” and they’re everywhere; probably even in your child’s classroom or daycare center. And they’re nothing like you ever imagined. 

Douglas Dietrich on the Vinnie Eastwood Show

Natural Law America

Reign of Earth

Ubuntu USA

Now my thoughts are that she was arrested and her puppet masters are trying to keep control by marketing a clone or body double to try and gain control of the Pink House. That us just not going to happen.

There is a laughing sickness, much like Mad Cow that Cannibals get. It sounds like the same symptoms that this evil witch has.
Do I feel sorry for a sick baby killer and mass murderer? Not at all. She sold her soul long ago for money and power. It is sad though.

Here is another person on that wave link as well. All truth is coming out and at a great speed, so hang on to your hats, we are in for an amazing ride.

Be blessed





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