More amazing headlines from the MSM featuring disclosures, update from resistance movement, intel update from Benjamin Fulford!

Great information here my fellow voyagers in this Matrix that has entrapped us for too long. Our coming out party is just around the corner, and we shall all party down. What a trip.


As we approach the final days of the bad guys’ rule over us we are seeing them lose control of their empire and many soft disclosures are making their way out to the public.

I am seeing the word ‘alien’ more and more. This seems like a push to get the public used to the idea of ETs.

Here is one titled “Octopuses ‘are aliens’, scientists decide after DNA study”.

Here is another titled “‘Peace-loving aliens tried to save America from nuclear war,’ claims moon mission astronaut Edgar Mitchell”.

BAM. A third titled “Vatican Scientist Thinks Aliens May Exist — But Not An Alien Jesus”.

Here we have a fourth titled “Aliens ‘already exist on earth’, Bulgarian scientists claim”. However, this one was from 2009. It still represents the push to ready the public for something some but not all already know or believe.

I did another one in…

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