A Call for Public GCR/Republic Announcement

A Call for Public GCR/Republic Announcement by General Dunford October 3, 2016

Gary Larrabee 

Published on Oct 3, 2016A

Call for Public GCR/Republic Announcement by General Dunford

October 3, 2016


General Dunford, 
New Republic, 
Open Letter   

On behalf of currency holders and Humanity, I call for General Dunford to immediately make a Public Announcement of the Republic, GCR and USN\TRN Currency.

Clearly, the Cabal Elite continue to dominate the Exchange Process.

Clearly, the Internet Groups and Public are being prevented from Exchanging their currency.

Clearly, the existing rollout strategy only produces ongoing deception and perpetual delay. It does NOT produce Results.

I call for General Dunford to seize the Emergency Broadcast System and make a Nationwide Primetime Announcement of the Republic and GCR.

Please employ all media types (TV, Radio, Internet, Print, EBS, and major News Outlets) to finally put an end to this slow rollout process.

The Cabal Elite continue to gorge themselves at the trough of plenty while the rest of humanity slowly dies of lack, starvation and want.

Massive Global Humanitarian Relief is actively being blocked by the greed and selfishness of a few Cabal Elite.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Please End this Now.

It is long past time for action. TAKE DECISIVE ACTION NOW!

Anyone with access to General Dunford, please forward this email for his personal review.

Thank you for your consideration.

Currency Holders as representatives of Humanity

May God be with us and support this request.





NOTE by Angel4Light:

Lots of negative disinformation going around the News and Internet. Some true as the Kazarian Mafia seek to continue control of our world. But that us not going to succeed.

You will notice the flood of Whistle blowing going on.

All truth is rising to the top, like the scum that it is.

Use your own discernment and stay away from TV Programming and their MKUltra mind controls.

Not that you need a tin foil hat, but learn to protect yourself and loved ones.

This is more of a Spiritual Battle for your Souls. Heaven has decreed that we have Heaven on Earth.

We are powerful beings of Love and Light so please gather your friends and meditate as often as you can for Peace, Prosperity, Love and Joy to restore Gaia as the Eden she is suppose to be.

I encourage you all to help on our weekly Meditation as per COBRA.

This will help escalate The Event and our true Heaven on Earth.

Below is a link to the Weekly Meditation. Please do meditate daily and as frequently as you like or able to.

All this Election distraction is a form of Disclosure as to the insanity of what we were living under, clueless. Perhaps that is why the El’eats called us Sheep.

Well those days are over, think positive and send prayers of support to our light warriors and our ground crews.


Ascension Meditation in 16 Languages





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