Intel: “No Later than Friday” – Zorra RV Intel w/ St. Germain


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

“No Later than Friday” – Zorra RV Intel w/ St. Germain – 10.5.16
Good Morning!

It’s Just Us!

Dear Hearts… I hope you can feel the love in my heart as I write this. – I have missed you so.

And I have trusted that you understand… given the two major shows this weekend – setup – the show – follow through, as well as keeping us all up to date on the daily news.

Dear Hearts, I want to talk about this, the daily news.

There was a posting by Yosef yesterday that I did not publish – I believe it needs a more personal discussion. – It has to do with all the extremely high rates – Sovereign rates etc. for all currencies. Oh, SO much talk about “amounts.” – And, are not “amounts” a definite form of duality? “He has more than she has.” – Divisiveness?

In fact, the very use of money creates a feeling of “Do I have enough?” Boundaries.

We have been told, over and again, that technologies are coming that will make the need for money unnecessary. Replicators will be our menu. No more grocery shopping. They will also fulfill other needs of the moment. Vehicles, etc. And free energy – no more gas stations, etc., etc.

And our Beloved Healing Ships are all poised for their strategic locations – bringing healthgiving peace back to the body – health – all missing body parts restored.

So what would we do with an enormous amount of money? – Yes, humanitarian projects, of course. And yet again, the Galactics are bringing advanced technologies that only need our willing participation.

Plus, our Beloved St Germain has stores of money to fill every bank account – not just foreign currency holders’.

So, dear Ones – let us be at peace… open our hearts – and gratefully receive that which is coming – which could be, for most of us, the International rate.

As you may or may not know – I have already given away most of my currency – shared amongst those I knew would lovingly administer. The very administering, especially of vast sums that require ongoing diligence could demand more of our time and attention than we wish. We want to just enjoy our loved ones in peace and harmony.

So, with that – I spoke with Zaraya yesterday about this latest post – and Zorra joined in, saying “Maybe tonight – no later than Friday.” And so be it. We know that the public International rate will be effective 10/10. And we will all have “enough.” So – enough about numbers. Let us look forward to peace and love and joy!

I also want to tell you about a food solution I am enjoying… it is a wonderful blend of 42 fruits, vegetables, and nutrients… all in one nice easy little scoop, that I just shook up in some Almond Milk. Ummm. That took care of the guilt I feel as I keep finding uneaten and spoiled veggies to be disposed of. And of course, very cost effective! Go Ruby Go comes from the Institute for Vibrant Living:


Very nice people
So this may be your solution of wasted fresh produce, as well.

Also, dear ones – I do not believe you and I would be the ones to tear the baby calves from their loving mothers and turn them into veal and beef – while we steal their milk. That is not our nature, and cows’ milk is not healthful for humans. I did not drink milk as a child, and I have never broken a bone, yet had 17-step falls down stairs, etc. – So I hope you will consider, for your own sake, the use of Almond Milk, or any other … Oat, Coconut (not Soy).

And for now, I am going to close. We have enough to meditate on.

Do know I love you more deeply than ever.

I am as excited as you by The Guardians’ Message… and, Sananda keeps teasing me with “Georgie Girl.” – You can read the lyrics. 😉

And yes, I will continue to keep you updated on all pertinent news.

From my heart to yours,


And… look who is here! Our Beloved brother, St Germain!

Yes, it is I, My Beloved Lady Nada – St Germain.

I greet you this day in joyful anaticipation of that which lies before you. Be of good cheer today – all is in Perfect Divine Order – your Day of Completion is here – as you open your hearts to receive. You, the Custodians of the first wave of abundance.

Let your hearts guide you through this peaceful and joyous transition into your abundance. And yes, you are your brother’s Keeper – be the Oneness that has brought all this before you. You are The Ones.

Blast of all Fire!
Blast of all Fire!
Blast of all Fire!

Your loving brother,
St Germain

Terra Zetzz


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