Latest Intel: “Fantastic News” – Guest Post by Veritas


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

“Fantastic News” – Guest Post by Veritas

Entry Submitted by Veritas

What a crazy up and down day for SITREP postings today. Someone please tell Dr. Clarke that he may be uninvited to the Zim party. You are obviously personally discouraged, but what right do you have to send such negativity out to such a large audience? Think of all the people you are affecting when you have no exact knowledge that everything isn’t happening just as it should. Lighten up? Have faith? I don’t see the point in such a diatribe.

Let me instead tell you something fantastic. Tonight the currencies involved in the exchange showed up on the Wells Fargo exchange screen. Not there now, but sure sounds like someone is getting ready to make this all happen to me.

I have personally spoken to a member of one of the Exchange Centers who indicated that all is ready to go. A blind man could tell this is coming. There is absolutely no other solution to the extreme issues facing the globe right now. It’s like the perfect storm financially running around like Hurricane Matthew and flattening all the current economies.

I’m telling you, you will not recognize the world one year from now.
Remember how enormous this opportunity is. For heaven’s sake, what does the difference of a day or two make in the overall picture? Sure, it hurts every one of us in the short term, but lift up your eyes and see it coming.

When I close my eyes and let my spirit see, there are strings of golden light coming from everywhere. They are all starting to go into a central core of energy and a fascinating pattern of creation. We are each one of those shining strings. There is a master plan greater than any of us. While it can be desperate in a moment, it can only be all inclusive in totality.

We are on a journey and there is no stopping it unless we get off. Haven’t you stopped just a bit too soon before and thought maybe you should have kept going? It happens to all of us. This one is just too important for yourself, your family, your community, the global whole, truly important in the energy of the change we throw out there to the universe.

Don’t stop! Quit wasting energy with anger and demands and impatience. There are reasons for every minute until this lifts off. It will lift off. Be there for it.

The alternative is to fall back into despondent thinking, give up, feel hopeless, despair. How attractive! No thanks.

No one has done a wrong here. We are actually quite fortunate to participate and should express gratitude. It is years of effort by thousands of people that I admire.

I am incredibly amazed at the opportunity. Can you imagine? Helping millions instead of watching those commercials with skinny kids with big eyes, really doing it. Providing clean water and free energy, maybe cleaning up some of the world’s messes.

Can’t you just see it? I believe it is God answering the many prayers asking for help. The cries of the suffering must be deafening to him. If we are his army, then what would he want from us at this moment? Seems to me he was pretty patient, even in a crisis. As any leader, he would want us to listen to directions carefully and obey them. I think I will spend this evening on my knees doing just that.


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