The Giant Is Pissed… Take Back Our Sovereignty NOW!





Command Michael and Our Light Beings to clean the Swamp

NOTE from Angel4Light:

Protection and light needs to come from your Hearts now more than ever. Send in the Angels and our Guardians to protect our ground forces. Let there be:

Victory to the Light!

All this is another attempt by the dark to prevent NESARA. The good Military needs to clean the Swamp of the Gators and Reptilians. The Clones are the ones who will be instructed to round up innocents.

These Aliens my friends are Demons. Keep your pants on and believe in yourself. Anger, hate, killing are all duality emotions, which feed the Demons and make them stronger. They are stiring up emotions in you like a video game. They know how to get the loosh they want. I think it is good that General Dunford is trying to calm things down and really they (the military) doesn’t need to be politically driven.

We have Demon Aliens running us. The Demons were running scared, so the last card is the Alien Invasion, Scenario. Guess what, they have already been here for eons, feeding off of us and we continue to play their games.

Start thinking with your hearts and not your heads. Not easy I know. Be prepared, and practice being in your heart. No judgement. You are a spark from Source Creator, a being of light.

They have stolen our DNA at birth, during blood drives, at the Drug Lords (Allopathic Doctors) and Hospitals. They have cloned us with Alien technology and have our body doubles ready to step in like they did for Hitlery.

We have been brainwashed to plead and pray which makes us their PREY. For these Demons feed on that energy. Our prayers and meditations tell them that we are powerless and calling out for help. So stand in your power. Remember who you are.

Stop drinking Fluoride meant to encrust your third eye so that you are blind to the truth.

Stop watching TV, the programming is designed to send you subliminal messages to keep you controlled.

Grow your own food, even in your home to survive should things go south for a while.

Still prepare and stand ready. Things may get sticky.

Keep your protection close and don’t take the flu shots, they will alter your DNA and the word I hear is they have nanotechnology which sends these nanobots into your system, to control you or distroy you.

Command the Angels to come and remove these evil Demons! Command that our good Military are protected by Archangel Michael and our Higher Selves!

Command it to be so…
            and so it shall be.



Muse – Uprising (Lyrics)


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