Thousands of Wild Bison Appear At Standing Rock Out Of Nowhere! Make Viral These Videos


Thousands of Wild Bison Appear At Standing Rock Out Of Nowhere! A Sign From Mother Earth?

Posted on October 31, 2016 by NewSunUnity

27buffalo-cnd-superjumboFor those of you who may not know, the largest Native American protest in HISTORY is happening right now. Over 500 Native American tribes from all over North, Central, and South America as well as Canada, all uniting under one cause: Protection of our water from greedy corporate interests.

It certainly hasn’t been easy. Just this week alone hundreds of innocent people have been assaulted and arrested just for occupying the land the corporation behind the Dakota Access Pipeline stole using imminent domain.

Its been a major struggle for our water protectors. Not just because of the rampant violence they’ve had to face from police hired by the pipeline builders, but also because they are literally living in a camp set up in a field right now. Do you have any idea how cold it’s already getting there and it’s not even winter yet? TOO COLD.

They’ve certainly been needing a pick-me-up.. And they just got one!
(Video at the bottom of this article)

According to White Wolf Pack, a Native American website:

“The great bison or buffalo of North America is a very powerful symbol to American Indians. Though best suited to cooler climates, bison roamed virtually in entire continent.

The smaller woodlands bison and its bigger cousin, the plains bison were revered and honored in ceremony and everyday life. To the plains Indian, our Bison Brother meant sacred life and the abundance of the Creator’s blessing on Mother Earth.

The bison is powerful medicine that is a symbol of sacrifice and service to the community. The bison people agreed to give their lives so the American Indian could have food, shelter and clothing.

The bison is also a symbol of gratitude and honor as it is happy to accept its meager existence as it stands proud against the winds of adversity.

The bison represents abundance of the Creator’s bounty and respect for all creation knowing that all things are sacred.”
The chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe criticized law enforcement’s “militarized” response to the camp and called for demonstrations to remain peaceful, but stressed that activists would not give up their cause.

“Militarized law enforcement agencies moved in on water protectors with tanks and riot gear today. We continue to pray for peace,” Dave Archambault II said in a statement Thursday evening.

“We won’t step down from this fight,” he added. “As peoples of this earth, we all need water. This is about our water, our rights, and our dignity as human beings.”

Standing Rock: Thousands of Wild Buffalo Appear Out of Nowhere


RISE With Standing Rock

By The Laura Flanders Show

Published on Oct 10, 2016

There’s a revolution happening in Standing Rock, at the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ camp, and across the country. Over 200 indigenous American nations and 6,000 people have travelled to the community in an unprecedented act of solidarity. Catalyzed by the fight against Dakota Access Pipeline, Native American tribes are protecting their water, but even more, protecting their sovereignty in the face of a colonialist State. In a time when we still celebrate Christopher Columbus, violent colonizer, the indigenous rights movement is more important than ever.

On Indigenous People’s Day 2016, we’re #StandingWithStandingRock. Journalist Jonathan Klett connects what’s happening in North Dakota to what’s happening in D.C. Chase Iron Eyes, US Representative Candidate for North Dakota and Judith LeBlanc, director of the Native organizers Alliance, speak to what’s at stake in this fight.

With music by Bethany Yarrow and Rufus Cappadocia. Find out more at

The Cabal is Pissed!

First Amendment Violations by the Thug Out of Control Government and the Cabal

Amy Goodman Speaks After ND Judge Dismisses “Riot” Charges for Covering Pipeline Protest


NOTE from Angel4Light:

This is not about a pipeline people. It is about wiping out the indigenous people. The Cabal wants the land everywhere and this is part of their Agend 21.

Remember what KissAssenger said: Control the Food and Water and then you can control the people.

These Cabal vermin have been the ones behind the great Indian Massacres ever sense these Reptilians in Human Skinsuits set foot on this Sacred Land.

The Land and her blessings, beit the people or the precious animals, were loved and Spirituality protected by the Indigenous people who have been the caretakers of the Americas.

If you can afford to get involved or know of anyone who can help or yourself, please do so.

We as a Country need to stand together, or they will continue to eat up the land until they come for yours.

I will be following up with other stories about this.

My best friends have all been Native Americans. Why? They are honest and live from the heart. They don’t expect anything from you and will give you the shirts from their backs.

How these precious people have been treated is like how Benjamin Nitwityahoo treats the Palestinian people. They have been pushed onto baren soil and expected to survive while all the good land is stolen and sold off.

Now they continue to steal in broad daylight in front of the world and believe that everyone will stay asleep.

Where is the Oath Keepers? Where is the Military? All Lives Matter!!!

I heard the other day and will try to find the Article about the arrest. They are putting these beautiful peaceful people in dog cages. Really?

If you can’t afford to make the trip, see if you can spread the news to get as many people world wide to come and take a stand.

I think the NWO is getting ready to hammer down with a truck load of tricks and from many stories coming out, I believe Marshall Law is what will be coming. I hooe you are prepared and have prepared for a Storm. I hope all this movement  is to remove the Reptilian Government Cabal and all their minions.

If the arrest happen to the Cabal, it will most likely be a Clone that will be sacrificed. Letting Killers go free with Amnesty is absurd and a bit insane. A serial killer will be evil till death.

This isn’t my normal writing, and I apologize to anyone who may be shocked and feel dismay.

I know that the energies coming in are winding me up lately, causing me to research everything to the enth degree.

It is a late hour to find out all that I have but I will share it with you.

Right now I need a few winks and will get more information out to you, ASAP.

Command the Angels and our Benevolent Galactic Families to intervene and help the Indigenous Peoples and all of Humanity and our fawn and fauna that are of the true light.

We command that PEACE come now and for any and all beings interfering and trying to halt our Ascension to be taken back to Source Creator for judgement there NOW! So be it.. And So It Is.



Command Archangel Michael to Slay the Dragons now!


These are Dragons in Human Skinsuits

These Evil brings are the DarkForce which have no Souls left because they Sold it fir Power and Riches. These are the Vampires who will suck all life from this Earth and leave it looking like the Moon. These are the Borg masters who want to assimilate us.

Beware of gifts of Gold, it will have the mark of the Beast. It is meant to calm the herd until the culling.

Do not go up into the Ships. When you Ascend you will know where to go, don’t hold on to material things, as we have everything to look forward to when we return back to Source where Darkness can never reside.

When Disclosure comes and the Beings appear, be cautious as Demons can look like Angels and give a euphoric feeling in your mind. Listen with your Heart. Learn to get unto your heart. It is easy. Use your discernment, do not contract with these evil demons. Think about it. You are signing away your souls and those of your children and anyone who gets attached to the 3D money. You will not see Gold. Ask for it and see if you can cash in for real gold.

1000 years of PEACE give me a break, that is 3D.

We need to pull together as Humanity and barter with each other. Stop watching TV. Eating Fast food and taking their Pharma poisons. Start eating vegetables that you grow. Learn to support yourself whike here.

We can heal ourselves learn about alternative medicine and get into your hearts. Be the LOVE and the blessing that you are. You are a Spark of Source Creator. That light needs to be protected. Vampires have no light and in this Matrix they feed off of our light.



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