Ashtar Galatic Command: Important Message To Wake Up

Ashtar Galactic Command November 13 2016 Message
Galactic Federation Of Light

Starlings Of Light 

Published on Nov 14, 2016

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NOTE from Angel4Light:

I am including a video below which is a live transmission that made the airways in 1977.

I didn’t personally experience this 1977 Ashtar transmission, but I did hear of it much later.

I have to tell you that I can easily tap into these transmissions, but everytime I had attempted to in the past, I was attacked or threatened by Alien forces. So I don’t. Maybe in the future when the evil is gone or substantially decreased, perhaps I will reconsider. I guess I haven’t learned to protect myself enough as yet. Orgone has been a lifesaver for me.

I have seen beings that appear to be Giants looking down on us like children or something. Hopefully not a game. I keep calling this a petri dish. Could I be wrong?

I could hear these beings clearly when I expressed my disgust over what is happening on this biosphere. They looked at each other and spoke a language I didn’t understand but one did comment about the flat earth. This was years ago, I never thought of it before that day and really never heard of it either but now I am blowned away with all the facts I find.

I get the visions when I meditate and Sun Gaze. It opens me up to receive. It helps too that I do heavy metal detox and eat healthy home grown food, don’t do allopathic drugs, and don’t drink Fluoride, well not

So we will all awaken to the truth about the Flat Earth or our Spaceship Earth soon enough. These are the days of revelations after all.




Looks like portals here


Matrix desolving_photo by Angel4Light

1977 Alien Broadcast LIVE on BBC TV

Collective Revolution 

Published on Jun 29, 2013

On November 26, 1977, viewers of Britain’s ITV Evening News were startled by an eeire transmission that jammed the signal. “Vrillon” of the Ashtar Galactic Command had an urgent message for the people of Earth, a message of both great hope and of dire warning.

Using archival and other materials, this is a creative attempt at recreating what may or may not be one of mankind’s most amazing moments in time.




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