GREAT NEWS: NoDAPL – Vets for Standing Rock has soared, in Peace

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Sharen Veterans and Militia Members are Increasing Greatly to Stand With Indians at Standing Rock

gary larrabee 

Published on Nov 30, 2016

Sharen calls in to Gary Larrabee to share about the Vets fir Standing Rock. Veterans and Militia Members are Increasing Greatly to Stand With Indians at Standing Rock !!

The funds raised are also sufficient to cover shelter, food, legal, and medical should it be needed.

The most important issue is this is a totally Peaceful Stand. To act as.Human Shields against the aggression of the militarized police and DAPL security.

This action will bring world attention to this insane poisonous pipeline and the evil disregard for the sacred burial grounds of our beautiful Indigenous peoples the Dakota Lakota which the white man call the Sioux (meaning snake). The only snake here has been the Government. Stealing Tready Lands and trying to evict the American Indians from their own land.

A Pipeline Oil Employee (whistleblower) who was working.on the clean up in Kalamazoo was shocked over what these dishonest oil companies do, with total disregard for life. He even go on to say that the chemical mix used to loosen up the thick Tar Sands oil is cyanide. And just breathing the fumes from the spill, caused many people to go into convulsions, develop cancers and various health issues even death.


We will all be effected.

Fracking is distroying the earth and all that is dear. This is the El-eats Agenda 21, to bring the Population down by 90% which is massive Genocide.planned. Read the Georgia Guide Stones.

Why is the Government working beside the evil oil companies?

Anonymous needs to investigate.

This filthy oil is not to be used here but is sold to China to poison them.

#nodapl, John Bolenbaugh Trailer. Help me change this world.

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