Gary Larrabee Interview With Zorra of Hollow Earth

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Interviewing Zorra From Inside of Planet Earth !! Much is Beyond My Understanding: Discern!

gary larrabee YouTube Channel

Here are a couple of video links from the Call:
Zorra Of Hollow Earth  
Past Recordings and Future Recordings:

There was a Zorra Call today: 12/18/2016  (Look For Audio to be posted soon) I tried to listen, but I live so far out in the country and the weather was rough today, so I couldn’t hear as well as I wanted it was very faint and I couldn’t hear it. I can’t wait for the Audio to be available. I hope the audio will be clear and I will share it with you.

This is A Video Showing Zorra Spaceship Destroying the Asteroid:
Alien UFO Shoots Down Russian Meteor 2013 (HD)


This is a video that shows that Weapons are being shut down
UFO shuts down 10 Nuke Silos

Audio Recording Of Gary and Zorra’s call:




Zorra’s Healing Call with (OWB) One Who Believes  12/16/16

Replay:  Dial-in:  641-715-0744, Access Code:  554387#, Ref #6


NOTE from Angel4Light:

I was on the call, I didn’t try for a healing myself as I felt there were more people in need of healings than myself. However, when Zorra did the healing for certain parts of the body I could really feel a difference. The most important thing to have in your heart is Love and Faith. These are very powerful tools in the healing process.

I learned so much so far and feel excited to share this with each of my brothers and sisters.

Enjoy your awakening. We are in the most magical of times. As it unfolds, you will see wonders and do great works yourself.

Share this with everyone. Only they who are pure in heart will be able to haveveyes to see and ears to hear. Don’t give up on your fellow man. They have been so brainwashed they have the Stockholm Syndrome.

Much will come to pass in the upcoming days, all positive!!!! So be it!

I do want to express a very warm heartfelt thanks to Prime Creator / Source for all of our blessings, today and always. I am rich in LOVE and I extend my LOVE to all benevolent beings.

I didn’t include the dark ones because, I don’t want to send them energy. They have sucked our energy long enought. I say goodbye and to these lost soulless vampires, I can’t thank you enought for leaving,

Blessings to All, have a wonderful   Holiday Season.






The Veil will be lifted soon, be ready to be amazed


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