Zorra of Hallow-Earth: Interview on The Quantum Shift Radio Show December 21, 2016



Zorra of Hallow-Earth: Interview on The Quantum Shift Radio Show Hosted By Dr Sam Mugzzi:

Host Sam Mugzzi

Published on Dec 21, 2016

We are talking about Hollow Earth. The Event and the Gathering. Zorra is teaching us about how to live peacefully on our planet, and how they live in Hollow Earth. Zorra also mentions future events, and the prosperity funds for the people of the surface. He also speaks about our history and future evolution.

We also discussed where Zorra comes from, and Planet X. The Galactic Federation of Planets is our friends helping to free humanity from the regressives.

This is an exciting show and it helps to fill in some gaps of information that we seem to have a hard to locating.

Zorra’s website is here:

Blog Talk Channel is here:




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