BREAKING NEWS: New Free Energy Device Going To Market by Innova Techno

December 28, 2016

New Free Energy Device Going To Market by Innova Techno

I just found this new free energy device being marketed and sold as of today.  The company is called Innova Techno operating out of Croatia.  The company has a website, phone numbers and email in order to ask questions and place orders.  They seem to offer two different variations of the free energy device.  I have included the information about the free energy device below.  Hope this is true.

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Product Information

We proudly present the world first available free energy generator. The device IPP7.4 is an electricity generator, that delivers an output of 7350w 220V without using any fuel for its work. Typically it uses its own energy to work by itself. This is a completely new approach to the way in the production of electricity.

The device uses elements that are found in other devices on the market, that are used since the 40s and 50s, with some innovative additions in newer times. The device is in a locked box, protected and insulated from noise and rotating parts, with alarm system for our safety.

It is designed to work in a private homes and cottages or small workshops or independent objects. In the case of floods, the device automatically turns off and it has a circuit breaker (safety switch) in case of an overload or short circuit. The device continues work, as soon as the user reduces the number of electricity consumers. It is designed to work constantly 24/7, but it can be manually switched off and on again, as it has spare gel battery 48V / 36Ah.

It has a technical certificate that it is not harmful to humans and the environment.

The user(buyer) have to sign an contract, to not open the device for a period of 5 years, which is the period of warranty aswell, that warranty can be extended for the next 5 years.

The standard IPP7.4 unit is for indoor use only The IPP7.4H comes with a hermetic box and is suitable for outdoor use. The weight of the standard IPP7.4 is about 95kgs.

A model with an output of 380V (+ 220V) will be on sale around March 2017.



NOTE from Angel4Light:

Anyone who has done any research on free energy, definitely knows that it was a possibility. Why? If you have studied or researched alternative energy or green energy you might have learned about Tesla. He powered the entire World’s Fair back in the 1900’s. Do a bit of digging and you will find that the Bushs were behind stealing his inventions and burning down his lab. The technology was sabotaged and had been continually sabotaged until this day. The patents were registered in DC and stolen by the cabal, who wanted desperately to keep us under their control.

Here is a story about a 14 year old who discovered a very inexpensive Tesla device.

Many great inventions will unfold now that we have the ending to these evil powers that wanted to be. Their reign of terror and abuse of humanity now ends.

I do hope that one of our American Humanitarians will get some free energy devices to the people in Nazi America.

The story about the device above is available in Europe. I hope that operations will will expand this Free Energy product to be available world wide, and I am sure this is more than possible.


Great things ahead. Get excited and believe that we are headed towards a brighter and more prosperous future for all of GOD’s creatures, minus the dark and their evil minions.


Kryptonite to the Kazarian Mafia


Mac Daddy and his Evil Clones are going down


Dingdong and his Evil Clones and entire family are going down


Propaganda whores. Hitler would be proud if he weren't serving Karma in the underworld or PIT

Karma is a Bitch as they say. I just hope it gets all the dirty perfs and their minions soon. I know it is coming.




Get Ready!!! The Event Is Coming Soon!


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