Trump Moves To ABOLISH The Federal Reserve And Institute Gold Standard


January 1, 2017
Trump Moves To ABOLISH The Federal Reserve And Institute Gold Standard

Donald Trump won the election in a landslide because of bold ideas. His ideas would erase and remove decades of failed policies and corrupt agendas that have plagued this country for too long. As Trump’s transition team continues to fill his cabinet, more and more attention continues to surround the possible selections for a variety of high-ranking positions and meetings that might help decide these appointments. On Monday, Trump held a meeting with John Allison, the former CEO of the bank BB&T and of the libertarian think tank the Cato Institute. We have seen several reports indicating that Trump is considering Allison for Treasury secretary. On the campaign trail, Trump often questioned the future of the Federal Reserve’s political independence. In line with these comments, Allison wants to abolish Federal Reserve all together and go back to the gold standard. In fact, Allison takes that rhetoric one step further.

While acting as the head of the Cato Institute, Allison published several thesis indicating that the Federal Reserve was obsolete and needed to be abolished as it restricts power from the people and allows billionaire cronies to run banks globally.

“I would get rid of the Federal Reserve because the volatility in the economy is primarily caused by the Fed,” Allison wrote in 2014 for the Cato Journal.(pdf)

Conservative Daily Post

5 Month Before Kennedy Assassination, He Signed Executive Order Getting Rid of the Federal Reserve.

Investment Watch



NOTE from Angel4Light:

Truth about the Federal Reserve, it isn’t Federal. It is a private bank owned by the Rothschild and Rockefellers. Read “The Creature From Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin. This is eye waking stuff and a must read to truly understand how America was Robbed by the Banksters and totally enslaved.



Calvin Coolidge


The Federal Reserve was a Giant Ponzi Scheme, and we bought it


End The Fed NOW!!!

This is great news. I am believing that Donald Trump will be our NESARA and Disclosure President. That is why the Dark forces are so totally pissed.

Send prayers of protection to Donald Trump and his family and friends.

Let all truth be revealed and let the trials begin.


The Rabbit Holes are Deep, you will feel like you have just stepped into the Twilight Zone

All good things are coming, but the truth will shake you to your core, so brace yourself, we are in for a ride of your life.




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