One Who Believes: “Fear Feeds Itself”

“Fear Feeds Itself” – One Who Believes – 1.12.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes January 12, 2017
Fear Feeds Itself

There seems to be some FEAR among the Light workers today, and so, I have decided to talk about it for the betterment of the World, and to help our Brothers and Sisters dispel this Meaning/Emotion for good. This message is especially for those who used to follow the now disbanded HEN Network and are still on that e-mailing list. If you are not on that list, I am not going to go into much detail as it is “Family Business.”

However, that being said I will say that Zorra’s picture, particularly that he has Turquoise Green colored skin, due to the copper content of the water in Hollow Earth, frightened some people. Frankly, it is no wonder that UFO disclosure is a big deal before we meet others from other planets and even from within our own. If you think that Black skin is a big deal, wait till you see the Blue Avions of the Sphere alliance with their blue feathered skin. Or the Cat People, or Mantis beings, or the other thousands of different type beings in the Universe. Frankly that bar scene in Star Wars where there were all types of Beings all in one place, was nothing compared to the actual diversity in the Universe. The people of India who worship their Gods with blue colored skin and lots of arms, would probably be more tolerant to Zorra’s picture with Turquoise Green colored skin and not be frightened in the least.
The Hollywood Fear Agenda

However, I can’t really blame those who fear these things after all the Hollywood movies of aliens attacking us in every kind of way. I am sure you have realized by now that was a CABAL PsyOps to keep us afraid of UFOs and those who are in the ground. This is why our space Brothers and Sisters, and those in Inner Earth and Hollow Earth have dared NOT to contact us, for fear of being shot. The shoot first and ask questions later mentality is a Cabal creation. Even in the back to the Future movie, when the car went back in time, the Farmer shot at “Marty” because he was wearing a yellow outfit that looked like it was from space. We have been trained to fear the outsiders, when they are the ones who could have and would have helped us long before now if they could have. But the Cabal did a good job making us fear them with The War of the Worlds radio broadcast, Independence Day, and other such fear based movies. Don’t you realize by now that EVERYONE the Cabal said was trying to hurt us, were instead the ones who were actually trying to help us? But the Cabal couldn’t and wouldn’t let that happen.
Fear Feeds Itself

When you are in Fear, everything looks wrong, bad, and dangerous. You hear things, see things, and feel your heart beating faster than it should. You jump at the sliest sound. It is the Reality-Go-Round all over again, except it is more like the Fear-Go-Round. You believe in fear, and then what you see verifies it. When you are in Fear, all you can see matches your Fear and makes the Fear even worse. Fear Feeds Itself with more Fear, by creating more and more to fear. That is the Cabal weapon of choice. If they can get you on the Fear-Go-Round, then you worry about the food you eat, the knock on the door, that plane that just flew over, and Zorra’s Turquoise Green skin. There is no upside to fear as it will eventually consume you.
Love Feeds Itself

When you are in a Love Vibration and you send out Love to the World, you see wonderful and beautiful things. You notice that rose that just bloomed, and may even get a quick sniff of its alluring aroma. People smile at you and life just seems to be getting better and better until you find yourself in a state of bliss. The more you Feel Love, the more you see to love and the more Love comes back to you. Love Feeds Itself with more love by creating more and more to love.
The Up-Side

The upside is that as we raise up to higher vibrations of Love, fear, worry, hate and power over others will be unthinkable. From a vibration of Love, you will literally be unable to think those lower vibration thoughts. They will become unthinkable. This is the new World that is on its way to fruition. As a side note, I should mention that only about one third of the Animals we now have will make the transition to the new higher vibration 5d World. At that time the Lion will lay down with the Lamb, as there will be no aggression or eating of meat. Don’t worry about the other animals that will not make it here, they will just reincarnate on another World that is in their Frequency range of 3d. No biggie.
Some Are Playing On Our Fear Still

But, we are not all Fearless yet. Some are still in Fear of the Cabal and their minions and that they may unwittingly be tricked into something. If you haven’t decided that it all works out in the end, and we live in peace and prosperity for a thousand years, then, you are still venerable to Fear mongering and reacting to the Fear of others. Interestingly Fear is contagious among those who are susceptible to Fear (Able to catch a case of Fear). All I can say to those who still fear, is that you Better Decide Now, that it will work out for you and the rest of us, otherwise you will be jumping every time you hear a sound, or read a post that scares you. It is so easy to get these people to freak out with just a few well chosen words that play on their fear, like low rates, no GCR, or the Elites are getting all the money, or that Zorra has Turquoise Green skin and he is somehow going to do something to you.
Save Yourself

I am not going to talk about the GCR being real and all that, as I have covered that in detail already. However, when it comes to Zorra, I find the Fear that some are trying to create to be so ridiculous. Some have already made up their mind and can’t be saved. They are on their Fear-Go-Round, and there is no reasoning with them. That’s O.K., they will live the life they have chosen for themselves.

For the rest who are wondering, (Notice I didn’t say Fearing), use your Discernment as they say here in Dinarland. Would a Cabal agent try to help you heal from what ails you? Just the opposite. All I can say is FEEL the energy and Love that Zorra is putting out to you and the World. By the way, here is a tip: Higher Frequency Beings are Love Based as that is the Higher Frequency. He is in the place we all hope to be some day ourselves. A place of Pure Love for All of Life in whatever form it comes. Yes, Love for those who have Black skin, White skin, Blue Feathered skin, and his own people who have Turquoise Green skin. Save yourself and decide that the World is becoming a Loving Place, which it HAS TO BE, before we raise to 5d.
The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that each has their own path. It is not my place to change that and I would NEVER force my beliefs on anyone. I only offer a perspective in which Fear no longer has a place in this World. Those who still hang on to Fear are entitled to do so. For the rest who have the Discernment to make up their own minds, and are not shackled by Fear, we have work to do.

While we get many “Channeled” messages in Dinarland, many are not who they say they are. Some are totally made up, and others are not from the Masters they claim to be. One of the simple ways to discern the difference is that The Masters by definition, are of a much higher dimension and Frequency, which is Love based. They would NEVER promote fear and worry. They are always offering Love and understanding and even propose that we forgive those who have trespassed against us, since we are all one. When I hear Fear, threats of retribution that will be done unto those who hurt us, or other 3d type wordings, I tend to doubt them. They are not higher vibration messages at the least, and are actually more like 3d messages from a place of fear and retribution.

However, when it comes to Zorra, his messages even to the Cabal are about forgiveness. He does not dwell on punishment and the like. His messages are about Love and Healing. He wants us to know what is coming and takes every opportunity to educate us about things that have been kept from us. He is one of the few Higher beings that we get to talk to and ask questions of. Distance yourself from those who are in constant fear of something going wrong. Judge for yourself and don’t “Catch” fear from the fearful.

In the end, you chose your own path, and MUST walk that same path. Avoid those who believe in Fear as it will bring your vibration down. Choose the path of Love and Forgiveness. Be at peace and have confidence that all is well. Know that we are in Transition to a time of peace and prosperity.

May You Be Fearless, Ultra-Confident, and Unstoppable

Signed: One Who Believes

Terra Zetzz 


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