Kent Dunn: Military to Dismantle Several 3 Letter Agencies …and NESARA NEWS !!

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Kent Dunn: Military to Dismantle
Several 3 Letter Agencies if Trump swearing in is Disrupted !!



Video by 2 NEOTECH – Gv

Published on Jan 15, 2017
By david e robinson 



NOTE from Angel4Light:

Dearest family of light,

We are now in the end game. So much disinformation has been spread by the Cabal to keep us in Fear and Doubt so that they can continue to enslave Humanity. This is not going to be allowed!

We are scheduled for Ascension and NESARA will happen to ensure a peaceful transition from the chaos that we have lived, enslaved by maniacs for far too long.

Use you Devine gift of manifestation to bring this gift from Heaven to light.

When you believe, you make it so. When you doubt, you bring in delays. And I ask you, why would you want to delay your prosperity, your full awakening?

If you are wanting to remain inside the Matrix, you are welcome to do so. Those who can’t believe the real truth and would rather believe the lies we have all been fed since our birth in this prision, will get to continue on in 3D on another planet. We wish you love.

For my husband and myself, we believe whole heartedly. I have been gifted with visions and hearing from the other side for as long as I can remember. I believe it is my higher self or my guardian. 95% of the time I have listened. The 5% would be a lessons learned the hard way. I count my blessings.

My full knowledge has not been accessed as yet because of “They Live” negative frequencies, Chemtrails and other methods. Much like other light workers my husband and I are heavily targeted. I finally found the protection to help. Laughter is one method, meditation and invoking the ray of protection from Source Creator.

I don’t watch TV or let things stress me out. I envision a sollution and it happens.

I drink water in a glass not plastic, no fluoride. We eat healthy, our own produce. We live a simple life and when things happen, we study what it is and try to find the blessings in the lessons.





Find your Joy. Think Positive and Positive will happen

I put up videos of Zorra, Captian Max Steel and others who are truly gifted healers. They are worth you checking out if you or someone you love needs healing,

I don’t do drugs, drink or smoke so the apples of temptations don’t work with me.

I believe that much of the Bible is true, but much has been twisted or omitted so we are not privy to the full truth. I think that much of the Revelations was written to install Fear and is an instruction book for the Cabal. It does sound like prophecy, because these Demons have manipulated our timeline over and over and have made these many events happen. The birds falling from the sky dead (HAARP), the millions of fish floating to the surface dead (toxins from the Navy ships dumping nuclear waste). Think about it, these evil Cabal have had the nerve to put up a guidestone in order to place humanity into fear.

We are stronger than we know. We are creators, and they want us to gp by their guide book and create the end time disasters. Don’t buy their crap. It is mind control. They have done it too long and their game is over.

The time for the darkness is over. I am ready for the light and I know in my heart that most all of you are ready as well.

Keep your thoughts positive and bring joy into your life. When something minor is bothering you, let it go and release it to the light. Smile no matter what.


Think like a child again. Like you are getting ready to have the best birthday party ever and receive all your dreams come true. Which is a very good analogy, for that is just what is going to happen too soon.

Don’t pee on your own parade before it starts, rejoice and celebrate with all that you are. We are in for the best ride of our lives.






Which path do you want? Are you ready for the Reset?


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  1. Ethan Freeman
    Jan 19, 2017 @ 14:02:13

    Peace on your path!


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