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“The Universe’s Purpose” – One Who Knows

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 12:10 PM EST on January 21, 2017

The Universe’s Purpose

Like you, the Universe has a Purpose and a Mission. This quote sums it up quite well:

“The Universe Is Infinite Intelligence Expressing and Appreciating Itself” – RLM 2010

The way I look at it is the “Big Bang,” which many say was the beginning of the Universe, was in fact the “Big Idea.” No matter your Vibrational frequency or “Dimensional Level” in the Universe, manifestation (Creation) is the same. First comes the Idea/word/thought with expectation, and then it manifests into Reality.

Expectation vs. Knowing

Frankly Expectation is the domain of the lower vibrations where we are in 3d. It is a stumbling block to our personal creations/manifestations. We only expect to get what we want if all Criteria have been met such as having enough money, being at the right place at the right time, being lucky, or being capable. We only expect to get what we want if we think we can. The higher Dimensions are not hindered by these lower Vibrational resistance concepts. They speak forth the word and KNOW it is done, to be, and so it is.

Can you imagine the birth/creation/manifestation of the Universe being “Unsure?” God says “I think I can, or If I am lucky enough, or when I get enough money, I will create a Universe!” No, it is not like that in the higher Dimensions where the phrase “Let there be light” instantly causes light, etc. Of course creations are different at different Frequency levels of existence, or “Dimensions” as they are called. The higher the frequency/dimension the more consciousness (Understanding) one has and the more powerful are the creations. This makes sense because the more you know and understand the Universe and creation, the more you KNOW you can do, and therefore the more you can do.

Love vs. Fear

Clearly, if you are at the higher frequencies, dimensions, consciousness, you understand that you are in complete control of your creations. There is no fear because all is a creation, and there is nothing to fear if you are in control of the creation. So it is easy to understand that the higher up you go in frequency, consciousness, capability, the less fear you have and the more you are in love with life and the Universe. At the higher levels of existence, it is known that we are all one, in a co-created Universe, and that there is nothing to fear. But at the lower vibrations, where consciousness is limited, Fear of the unknown, and what might happen is very real. When you don’t understand that you are the soul/sole creator of your experience, it is easy to blame and hate another for what they have done to you or might do to you. If only they had a more comprehensive understanding of their own power to create their own experience, they would not blame or fear another, for what they were creating for themselves. In short, Fear is a lower consciousness, Vibration, lack of Understanding that all of life experience is self created, and that no one on the outside has any power or influence over another. There is nothing to fear or hate in another, when their actions are your creation.

Creation – Experience – Learning/Understanding

But creation is not the goal of the Universe exactly, it is more a means to an end, which is experience, learning and understanding. All of the Universe is creating for the express purpose of experiencing and understanding. For every creation, there is the appreciating of that expression, in joy, understanding, greater consciousness, and experiential learning. The rose is an expression in this universe, and this expression is appreciated by the birds and the bees for its nectar and aroma, and Humans for its beauty. However, at a higher consciousness/dimension these seemingly separate expressions and appreciations, are one, expressing itself in a certain way, and the same one appreciating its own expression.

The Purpose

So, if you realize what is going on in the Universe, you notice that the Universe is constantly evolving and creating new expressions, appreciating and learning from them, and then evolving yet again creating even more complex expressions to love and appreciate as well. Higher Consciousness, deeper understanding, and greater ability to create even more diverse expressions is the Purpose of the expanding Universe. The quote above sums it up best:

“The Universe Is Infinite Intelligence Expressing and Appreciating Itself” – RLM 2010

If you think about it, when you have created something, don’t you appreciate your own creation/work? New and different expressions and understandings are the most delicious experiences and appreciated the most in the Universe. We can only grow and rise in consciousness by having new and different experiences, trying out different ways just for the experience of it.

Duality Was An Experiment

Duality was an idea, an expression, and experiment, to be appreciated and experienced, to have an even greater understanding and consciousness, individually and overall. Evil creating fear at the lower frequencies was a growing experience for us and the Universe. Of course it was only the lower vibrations that could experience Fear first hand, because at the higher dimensions with greater consciousness, fear would not be possible as they know too much about how the Universe works.

The Professor Who Gave Himself Aids

I remember a story that Zorra told on one of his calls. It was about a professor who told his class about the power we all have within. He told them that he would contract the aids virus and then would remove it himself. He tested first and was aids free, then contracted the virus and was tested again proving he had it, and then later tested again and the virus was gone (Discontinued). He proved to himself that he had the power to control his reality. But of course, he already knew that. He was using his own experience, expression, so that his class could appreciate that it could be done, and they learned and had a rise in their own understanding and consciousness as a result.

Evil Was A Purposeful Creation

Like the professor, we have participated in this concept of evil and the rise of the Cabal. Remember, there was NEVER any danger. You are eternal, and this was only an experience, which we got to have personally like the professor, and one that the Rest of the Universe could learn from like the professor’s class. The cabal were permitted and even encouraged to be as evil as they could be, and we spent life times learning how to combat that evilness with love and faith that it would work out. The lesson is that when you have confidence and faith that all is well and working out, no matter what the circumstance, you are immune to evil and the Cabal. You will have taken control of your reality and realized it was a self-creation. That is a great thing to witness for the rest of the Universe, but it is even a greater thing to experience personally, which we, the lucky ones, did.

Make no mistake, you chose to be here in every lifetime. You wanted another go at this experience, just like when you die in a video game, you get right back in the game and try again. We are the players (Experiencers) in this game, but the entire Universe is watching and loving every minute of the action. But there was always an end of Game, just like there was an end of the aids virus in the professor. The experience/expression was three fold, the contracting of the aids virus (The Rise of Evil), the experience of having the aids virus (The multi thousand year battle of good and evil), and then the removing of the virus (The fall of the dark in the Universe). That is our time now, end of game.

When Your Memories Return

When your memories return, not to long from now, you will remember all of your lives and the experiences you had. Can you imagine the wisdom you will have gained from all of them? The time you died as an infant. The time you played the evil one, and the time you played the good one. Every life experience brought new experiences that expanded your understanding of Love and Fear, and resulted in a greater consciousness of the Life and living. This wisdom and great understandings and experience was the gift you lived and died for. We are greatly appreciated and loved by the entire Universe as they watched the game unfold. In the end, Love concurred all. It is through the vibration of Love, that you regain total control of your reality. It is through the experience of Fear, that you lose all control of your Reality. AND, you lived both in all of their glory.

Time For New Expressions and Experiences

Just like the Mario’s brothers game, when you master the first World, level, dimension, you move up to the next. We are going to be moving up in frequency and love to a higher dimension with so much more to experience. We will be at a higher consciousness and be even more capable in controlling our own reality. There will be no more fear because we know too much to fear. We are the creators of our experience and so what is there to fear from another? AND, all others help us co-create the experiences we want and we Love them for that. We help each other create wonderful expressions, experiences and realities together. It is going to be a wonderful time in our personal evolutions and for the Universe as a whole. We will cherish our experiences battling the Cabal and realizing in the end that Love is all there is. The wisdom we will have from all we have experienced will be wonderful and so important to our level of Consciousness.

Time To Graduate

Most of us have learned the secret that Love is the solution for all fear. We will be graduating and moving on to 5d. But whatever you do, don’t worry that you haven’t made it to that understanding yet. You will have help in these last days before your graduation. There will be Mentors who are specifically assigned to each of us. They are here to help us get over the 3d experience and explain everything to us. You will be able to ask whatever you want and they will help you let go of every fear and pain you have had in all your lifetimes. You will finally understand that it is O.K. now and that it was all a learning experience. You will see what you have learned and be able to dismiss all your pains and worries. Only those who can’t let go, and are still firmly rooted in fear, hate or the need to control others will stay behind in 3d. They will continue to experience that level, expanding their consciousness until they have the breakthrough in understanding and higher consciousness. That is O.K. they will cherish their experiences as we do ours.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this Universe is way more interesting and complex than you ever imagined. We were limited in our understanding of that so we could fully experience this 3d duality World. But, soon you will understand the whole plan and love that you had a chance to play in the game of Good vs. Evil. The only thing you take with you is the experiences and we have had many.

Realize that upon your graduation from this experience, there will be the great revealing of the truth. Everything you think you know will be changed for the better. Be open to what is to come, as you are coming out of a game, and you have a lot of learning to do to re-acclimate to Real-Reality. Don’t fight it by holding onto Cabal truths, instead embrace the change of game and change in reality. Your new Reality is about to begin.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Knows

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