RV GCR NESARA: Where Are We And What Is True



“Where Are We And What Is True…” – One Who Knows – 1.22.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 7:34 PM EST on January 22, 2017

Where Are We & What Is True…

O.K. So Dinarland Is in a funk right now… Why? Things have NEVER been better for the Light Workers, than they are right now. That’s right, you can’t dispute that. PERIOD.

So was it what Zorra Said? What did he say? He said that the Republic Announcement is a separate event from the GCR, that no matter when the Republic is announced, the GCR could still go at any time.

Our Intel

Let’s just get this straight once and for all. This battle between the Light and the Dark, is way bigger and has been going on way longer, and impacts more Galaxies than you have any idea. We seem to be the focal point where the Dark is returned to the Light and sets the stage for all of the Universe. So now that I have set the stage, what do we know?

Start From The Highest Truth

In a computer program, this is the top Primary command and EVERYTHING subsequent to this primary command MUST MATCH IT, and cannot and will not violate its parameters, PERIOD!!! Everything after this command, serves its purpose no matter what it takes.

In our case, the highest Truth, Order, Mandate, Command, Purpose, Goal, Result, Target, and Objective is to successfully transition the Earth (Universe as well) from Dark Control and influence to the Light of Love, Peace and Prosperity with the least amount of harm to the public as possible. THIS IS NON NEGOTIABLE.

Next Comes The Plans

So here we are at the planning stage. What exactly do we need to do to achieve this result? Then of course, lots of plans and strategies are imagined and planned out in great detail. Bla, Bla, Bla. We have a plan.

Then Comes Implementation & Execution

Then the plans are set into motion such as hording all the Gold ever mined over thousands of years saving it up for the time of transition.

Then there is a whole bunch of spy type actions, and even some military actions, and court cases, to begin to set up the foundations of the change. These include such things as the Farm Claims, and the Military strong arming Bill Clinton into signing NESARA Law. There is a whole lot of other actions, but you get the idea.

Then came the agreements between the Bad guys and the Good guys, Bla, Bla, Bla, and the transition would happen on September 11, 2001 at a certain time. That was the PLAN.

Yes, of course, we all know that PLAN backfired as it was based on the idea that the Cabal could be trusted and would stand by their word. It turns out that they are RATS of the most evil kind. But now, we know.

Change Of Plan

Notice that the overall result of a smooth transition from the Dark to the Light, with the smallest disturbance to the sleeping public, is still the top order, command, objective.

Clearly, a new plan was needed, that went the (VERY, VERY, VERY) long way around. At the time is was called plan B, but I am sure we have passed Plan Z by now.

Yes the BRICS alliance was formed, then a new financial system, then new laws including Basel II, for the Banks, bla, bla bla, etc. Then more people got found out and arrested. Those evil rats again. Then they finally had to put up un-hackable satellites in space to protect the financial system. Of course, it failed again and again to go, but each time something new was discovered, and most importantly, remedied so it couldn’t happen again.

Now, In 2017

Here we are in 2017, and so much has been learned and successfully accomplished. We have leaked horrible information about top Cabal members, and taken the top office in the land from them. Had the Brexit, and many other countries will be exiting the EU. Big money has been wired on the new financial system all over the World and arrived successfully. We finally had to blow up underground bases, and arrest and kill hundreds if not thousands of Cabal operatives, and still we haven’t gone yet. There are so many changes around the World, that I could not list them all here, especially as most are still secret because they have to be.

How many times did they try to start the GCR? Who knows! Plan, start, stop, change plan, start, stop, change plan, etc, etc. So what. That is how it is done, and don’t tell me you would do it any differently. There are great minds and wonderful people who work on this night and day, and give their lives for this, while we wait and complain that it is not here yet. Boo Hoo, cry me a river. THIS IS A BIG DEAL AND IT IS A HELL OF A JOB OUTWITTING THESE EVIL ONES WHO WOULD KILL YOU ALL, JUST TO HOLD ONTO TO THEIR POWER.

What You Know

You know NOTHING compared to what there is to know. If there was any real sensitive intel that got out into Dinarland, the plan would be changed, and the leak immediately plugged. There isn’t anything that you know, that you weren’t allowed to know. YES, you know way more than the sleeping public. BUT, you don’t have anywhere near the information you would need to know, to make a decision, or judgment of what the AOP have done. Even what Zorra says, is part of the plan. Remember that Zorra speaks of Prime Creator’s Plan. Also remember, that if things change, the plan will change and IT IS SUPPOSED TO.

Can you imagine if the plan had continued after 9-11 happened just because that was what was said? That is stupid. So for those who are complaining that Zorra Said, and Prime Creator said, this or that, know, that if it didn’t happen there is a very good reason that IS WAY ABOVE YOUR PAY GRADE. You don’t know what happened, and may NEVER know. It is not your work. Do you really think that you would hear about Free Will Being removed unless you were meant to hear about it? Zorra can’t and won’t say a single thing that he is not cleared to tell you. If he is cleared to tell you something, it serves a purpose that helps the plan. Duh?

Know The Difference

The GCR intel is NOT Zorra’s work. His work is healing and disclosure, ascension etc. The bigger things that will be coming down the road. However, he is asked about the GCR and again and again, he has told you THE PLAN. But as we have covered so well, PLANS CHANGE AND ARE SUPPOSED TO. Duh! You have to know the difference between the information that is subject to change, such as the GCR/NESARA/Republic Plans, and the rest of the Ascension information that Zorra gives you.

Not one thing about Hollow Earth, Ascension, Inner Earth, the Galactic Federation, etc, has changed. But none of that is involved in the Battle for Earth and Humanity. BUT, EVERYTHING about the GCR, NESARA Implementation, and The Republic announcements, are ALL IN FLUX AT ALL TIMES AND WILL BE UNTIL THE BATTLE IS OVER AND NOT ONE SECOND BEFORE THAT. You are NOT EVER going to get the exact Go Date, so get over it already.

Where Does That Leave You?

You couldn’t be in a better place. What is the problem any way? You hold some of the most valuable currencies on the Planet and are about to receive a hefty bounty, that comes to you paid for by lives lost, and benevolent gifts given. By the time you get the 800#s, you will be living in a safe World, based on a new Financial systems, and benevolent Governments, who made your little windfall possible.

There are so many great things that have already happened publicly and that we have learned of in Dinarland, much less all the things we don’t know and will never know. Most of the groups and top exchange situations have been handled. All that had to be done before you… and it was. All that money already transferred and in place, exchange centers, bla, bla, bla. I am not going to prove it to you, why should I? You have eyes and can read what I read and listen to the same calls I listen to. If you can’t tell that you are in the best position that ANYONE COULD BE IN, IN THIS WORLD, then, I’ve got nothing for you.

Let’s Get Real

#1) O.K. let’s get real. If they could have released the GCR on Christmas, New Years, or on the 20th, but there was a threat that would kill millions, or that would reduce your accounts to zero, would you say do it anyway? Do you think that your problem or need, is more important than protecting the plan and saving lives? Of course not, unless you are Cabal and want people dead anyway.

#2) Let’s get Real, Don’t you think that the new benevolent powers that be want this to go way more than you do? Don’t you think that they have been doing EVERYTHING they can to get this done? Listen my friends, we are on an Ascension Deadline. The Earth, and it’s solar system is hauling ass through space on its way to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. We are going to be encountering certain energy waves at certain points along the way and we need to get this done.

#3) Let’s Get Real, Do you think that you know everything that is going on and what the Cabal threats are? Of course not. You don’t have a clue, and neither do I. How could we? 99% of what is happening is secret and hidden from us. So to think that we could even complain, or have an opinion of what should be done, is nonsense. Normally, I am not direct about a complainer’s post, but the idea that we should go public or launch a law suit to force the GCR has got to be the STUPIDEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD AND THE MOST IGNORANT RESPONSE one could have. Sorry, actions such as that are ridiculous. I refer to the above two paragraphs, #1) You have no idea what is going on, and #2) They want it to go more than you do. Frankly, stupid public actions like those make you the enemy of the plan and may cause even more delay to the rest of us.

#4) Let’s Get Real, You are not owed a thing. You are holding some country’s currency. SO WHAT? If you don’t like it or want it, then go change it for something you want. HEAR THIS: JUST BECAUSE YOU HOLD SOME COUNTRY’S CURRENCY, DOESN’T GIVE YOU ANY SAY OVER THAT COUNTRY. Do you want to test this? Stand outside the White House waving your dollar bill make your demands. YEA, that is what I thought. You have NO SAY in Iraq, or Viet Nam, or Zimbabwe. Why would you? So you have some currency, Lucky You. Someday, it may be worth a lot of money. But until then, you’ve got NOTHING but a dream. You have no power, no rights, no say, no input, no nothing. Get over it. But, It is still all good. Appreciate what you have and let others do what they are doing.

#5) Let’s Get Real, the Intel providers owe you NOTHING. Who are you to complain about anyone in this process? Yosef? Bruce? Zorra? The AOP (Authors of the Plan)? Please, get a grip. HEAR THIS: NO ONE OWES YOU ANYTHING, NOT INTEL, NOT ATTENTION, NOT RESPONSES TO YOUR QUESTIONS, NOTHING, NOTHING NOTHING. Now that we got that out of the way, aren’t you glad and appreciative, that there are people who are willing and care enough to find information that they can, and then spends the time doing calls, or writing it out for your easy reading? All you have to do is read or listen. How good is that? Basically, You get what you get and that is all there is to it. AND YOUR COMPLAINT IS? That is what I thought.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we are actually in a very good spot. Get your focus right and recognize that it is about to happen. Stop complaining, you are just hurting the energy of the plan. The intel providers are doing the best they can do, to help you know what is going on. Recognize that you don’t know enough to complain, or have any rights to make demands. There will be NO PROOF until the plan has successfully completed. All that being said, you couldn’t be in a better position, than you are now. Relax, and let it happen. It will not be long now.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Knows

Terra Zetzz




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