“Re: Tweet for the RV” – One Who Knows



“Re: Tweet for the RV” – One Who Knows

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 2:32 PM EST on January 23, 2017

RE: Tweet for the RV

Neo, I know your intentions are good, but let me give you some information that will brighten your day.

Whales, Friends & Family (Ploy)

First, let’s talk about the Whales and their Friends and Family. I know you think that they got “Special Treatment” and in a way they did, but not like you are thinking. This GCR was always (In All Ways) meant to level the playing field between the haves and have-nots, the rich countries and the poor countries, etc. It was NEVER about giving more money to the ones who already have it.

Clearly, the Whales and politicians “In The Know” would have purchased great quantities of currency since
#1) They knew about it,
#2) Knew it was true, and
#3) Had the money to invest heavily. However, as I said, they were never meant to get richer, so the strategy was to give them a “Special” invitation to exchange first in private exchanges, while the “little” people were made to wait. Well, you know that is an invitation they couldn’t refuse as they always expect special treatment and privilege.

However, it was not a “Benefit” or advantage to exchange so early, as they thought and expected. Remember back then the rates that were being quoted were VERY LOW? They were supposed to be. They not only got the very low rates, but were prevented from buying anymore currency, for themselves (The Whales), their Friends, and their Families! How lovely! Also of note, most all of them got
#1) SKRs which means they still don’t have their money yet, and
#2) Had to exchange into the new financial system, which has massive control and protection Functions. By the way, this was a set up, because most of them will NEVER be getting their money, because when this goes, and they are arrested, (The Bad Ones), their money will be more frozen than the north pole. Can you say “TRAP,” I can! I am sure that many of them have already been arrested. By having the Early exchange they got all their (Bad Guys) currency already before they could give it to anyone else.

The Rates Started Going Up SO FAST!

Remember that not long after the Friends and Families got their special exchanges, the rates started going up? Here is a tip: “It was part of the plan.” Exchange the Whales first and then raise the rates for everyone else. So, Neo my friend, I would not be wishing for those “Friends and Family” rates if I were you. You will get more money for a single $100T Zim note, than all of the Friends and Family got all together at their “Special” early exchange appointments.


Notice, as an interesting matter, that Trump has just recently Exchanged his Currency in Reno. As a “Whale” who was undoubtedly VERY WELL CONNECTED, Why didn’t he exchange back in the Day, when the other whales and Friends and Family were exchanging? Well, now you know. Obviously, he was informed of the plan, and waited to exchange later when the rates topped off.

As Far As Tweeting Goes….

First, back in the day, when they did the tweeting for TNT, it was not needed or necessary. Anyone holding legal currency were going to be exchanged, and no one could have stopped it. Sure they wanted you to believe that you were not allowed to exchange, but you were.

As far as tweeting now, forget it. See my Post:
“Where Are We And What Is True…” – One Who Knows – 1.22.17

It explains that the New Powers That Be, want to get this started more than you. There are deadlines related to our Ascension, and matters of NESARA, The Republic, and Disclosure that need to be done, after the GCR goes. NO AMOUNT OF TWEETING will make them want to get this done any more than they already do right now. There will be NO UP-SIDE to this tweeting action and only down-side. This GCR will go when it is #1) Safe,
#2) The Financial System is Ready (which is now), and
#3) The politics are in order (Happening now).

Frankly, I think it will be “Going” VERY SOON…. Wink 😉

Signed: One Who Knows

Reference To Post:
“Tweet for the RV” by Neo – 1.23.17

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