RV GCR NESARA: A Message from St. Germaine



A Message from St. Germain for January 23, 2017

Received via email (This came in from an unknown source. It is unclear if this is St. Germain or not). ~ Dinar Chronicles


If a thousand years is a blink of the Creator’s eyes, then ye have not waited. Strong words yes, but read on with a truly open mind and love in thine hearts.

These words are not of chastisement, they are garnered and shared with love and compassion for all.

There is a plan and it is being worked, it is not an easy thing to do after many years of strife and disillusions that have been placed before the eyes of the people of the Earth. The different cultures, religions and individualisms that make ye whom ye are. Will you set these aside?

Words from one’s promise is heartache and starvation of not only the physical, mental incarnations of ye but of your souls! Yet ye continue to proceed in the manners that ye have and ask, why?

We have sent messages through a variety of people, to enhance and share wisdom, understanding and strength to ye, yet nothing seems to change. We have great peoples working day in and out, day after day and when they gleam hope and share, your thoughts are to materialism and yourselves. Yet these folks ask for nothing, they lay behind scenes and do their works for thee. Why, they know of the plan, they understand the reasoning as to why. Are they seizing their works? No, they struggle on, many in great discomfort but through their love of ye and the Creator and belief in the plan, they continue.

We have read, through their eyes and know the thoughts of ye and know that there are some that seed disinformation for their own glory and tear that down the Creator. They say things that make one group feel one way and the other is feed frustration.

Do you not truly understand that there are no groups but one universal people. There shall always be a people that state the obvious dislike, that is called free choice or free will, and there has been one message stating the free choices/will is to have been suspended for this event to occur. This event is not about suspension of free will or choice, that is a gift given unto all mankind as it was in the beginning and ever shall be Amen! It is believed that many have misunderstood that statement, choice is yours that is granted by the Creator, yet tearing down someone whom is trying to let you know that it is the slandering of people and the out right hatred that swells within some breast that is causing the issues of delay.

Yet, the choice to slander in anyway is easy to do and use, it is done and has been done through out time. All leaders that make not the choice of a few will be slandered. Yet, the messages that state many officials have been killed is a falsehood of great proportion. By making these statements ye are building a bubble of negativity surrounding this great gift. Can ye not show love and compassion to all? Are ye that corrupt? No, ye are not for the love of the Creator dwells, resides within ye and ye only need to embrace that love of him and all mankind.

You ask why has this not happened of the Creator, Masters help us send us light energy for this event to transpire and we shall do great things! Yet in who’s name shall you do them? For whom shall you give the glory? Do ye believe that these questions have not been asked of ye? The answer dwells within ye. Shall ye give the glory unto the Creator or desire it in some way unto thyself?

We believe that many shall read this and discount it as rambling and to those we state and you ask Why?

Your most humble servant,


Terra Zetzz


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