IMPORTANT INTEL: “Zorra Disclosure Call 8pm EST Today” 1.25.17


January 25, 2017

Zorra Intel, Disclosure Call 8pm EST Today”

By One Who Knows


Zorra Intel & Disclosure Call 8pm EST Today

This message is that Zorra of Hollow Earth will be having a call on Wednesday, January 25th, 2017 @ 8pm EST.

Zorra will give us a message on the status of our Blessing, and our World.  He will be available for a questions and answers as well.  This should be very good and is what I am looking forward to the most.

Here is their Message and the call details:


Dear beloved Masters,

The more we question and can be more open and allowing, then greater knowledge and understanding can be revealed. Zorra will explain in more detail about the removal of free will that did not transpire to our dismay. He will also reveal some higher truths that many have not yet known that you will not find in the Bible.

He will again discuss any questions regarding the geopolitical news like, President Trump, the Republic, RV (if we don’t have it by then) etc. We will have Q&A and we will also have a guided meditation with Saraiya.

During these times of uncertainty, frustration and instability, it is necessary to be grounded and centered and meditation is one of the best ways to achieve this.
These are also the times when we can do our greatest work. All of us who are awakened, aware and observant of what is happening on our planet, let us do our part whether individually or as a group. From wherever you are, replace anything of the dark or of low energies on our planet send Light and Love. Love conquers all hatred and the like and Light always extinguishes Dark.

We are winning on this spiritual battle and it does not matter what is happening around us or what you may even think. This is our mission, help in mankind’s Ascension. That is also why we are the “Lightworkers”.

See you on the show.

What a wondrous, glorious and loving day it is

Quazar, Zaraya, Zorra and Saraiya

If you have trouble reading the newsletter here, you can
go and read it on our website

Information for our upcoming show:

Date:  Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017

5 pm Pacific
6 pm Mountain
7 pm Central
8 pm Eastern

Computer :

Call in: 516-418-5563

and press #1 for questions


Please feel free to share this information with others who are interested in Zorra’s messages, Intel, Disclosure, & Healing.

Copy and Paste these call details so you won’t miss the call.

The call is limited to 1000 participants, and so there will be re-play links for those who missed the call and/or want to listen to it again.

Signed: One Who Believes

Terra Zetzz

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