N-Orbit – Don’t Mess with Grandpa – YouTube

N-Orbit – Don’t Mess with Grandpa

By EvesOrbit

Uploaded on Apr 23, 2011

Great line up of talent as we start the show with the lovely Lorrissa Holiday then Eve and Billy have fun joking around. Sir Jonathan Burton sings his hit song “The Two of Us”, A great performance with Billy Scott and the Party Prophets, Then a favorite Zodiac who recently was called to Heaven at such an early age – Fred Magnum sings his favorite solo “Amazing Grace” with Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs, Kerry Craig is as delightful as ever as he shows off his vocal range. This is one of my favorite shows and I hope it will be yours as well.

This is the weekly TV Show that my husband was the Producer of. He enjoyed this adventure as much as I did. In fact the cast involved all seem to enjoy themselves. I enjoyed all parts I played. When in front of the camera, my husband would be the director. Dan Honeycutt helped Direct our shows on a number of occasions. We truly appreciated his efforts and knowledge. We learned so much from each other. He was one of the best lighting techs I ever knew. My husband studied hard and was able to duplicate the magical lighting for our shows. Crappy lighting will distroy a good shoot, making it look amaturish or worse.

The volunteer camera help was important. We had three active studio cameras and lock down works fine if you are only doing talking heads, but with talent they move around and your camera talents needs to know how to follow directions (via headsets) in order to capture the best shots and effects from the Director.  

All n all it was a lot of work, but fun and a great outlet for my husband and myself. It was our journey. Now many years have passed and I don’t regret the many hours I toiled over putting the shows together. If I were young again, I might give it another go. 

I hope you enjoy the footage. 



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