KENT DUNN UPDATE: Now on the GoldFish Report Weekly POTUS Update

​KENT DUNN UPDATE: Now on the GoldFish Report Weekly POTUS Update

GoldFish Report No. 72, Weekly POTUS Update with Kent Dunn

Video by The GoldFish Report

GoldFish Report No. 72, New: Draining the Swamp: Weekly POTUS Update with Kent Dunn. This segment focuses on weekly reviews of the POTUS (President of The United States) his policies and their impact on ‘We the People’ and Geopolitics. Kent provides insight on the many recent events of the Inauguration including the UFO escort, secret space program disclosure, the Speech, the Military presence at the podium and the immediate policy changes that President Trump made immediately upon taking office and much more. This will be a weekly report. All the links that appear in this video can be found at The GoldFish Report on facebook , blogs

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NOTE from Angel4Light:

Turn off all the lies from LieStream Media.  It appears that Fox News has come to the light. Do your own research. Let your heart be your guide.

The Communist Manifesto states “Call them what you are”. So by them screaming and having baby tantrums is because their purpose is to bring our vibrations down to delay or hault our Ascension. Now that tge chemicals that the dark faction has been using to enslave us will be haulted by President Donald Trump, people will start to awaken and remember who they really are. This Soap Opera will be a grand lesson learned and forgiveness is the next step. Forgive yourself for being fooled into their brainwashed paradigm. Forgive others for acting out badly.

All truths will be revealed. So get ready for some shocking truths.

Love is the Answer.




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