One Who Knows Intel: “Impact of GESARA Money and Project Money Needed” 


“Impact of GESARA Money & Project Money Needed” – One Who Knows 

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 1:05 PM EST on January 31, 2017

Impact of GESARA Money & Project Money Needed
I am going to answer two questions that were posed today: “No ZIM Holder Nor Dong Holder” & “Supply & Demand.” Both are related to soon to be released GESARA money and Currency Money.

First Question From Post: No ZIM Holder Nor Dong Holder


“I understand that gesara and nesara are at hand but is that money we get enough to help?”
Answer, Yes to a degree. I expect NESARA & GESARA money to be in the form of a monthly income. It is more for individual needs than it is for larger community related projects.
You also mentioned that you do not hold any currency, and frankly, I don’t see that as a problem. I wrote a post on this:

“You Can Have It All” – Guest Post by One Who Believes
The most important thing that is needed are passionate people who what to help the World in whatever way gives them Joy. You don’t need currency because there will plenty of people who have WAY MORE money than they can spend. Most of the currency holders with ZIM or large amounts of other currencies, will be getting so much money in just interest alone, that they will be looking for people who have projects and need money, I know I will. The way I see the future unfolding is that the vast majority of the money will never be spent, before money becomes unimportant.
In short, these Blogs who now spend their time talking about the GCR, will soon be the places where people look for projects and partners to help them spend their money in good ways. While the money will be plentiful, project Ideas, workers, and passionate people who want to help are going to be in high demand and short supply. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear stories of people with Money fighting over who will get to fund, a project that needs money. It will be a very different World than we know now.

Second Question From Post: Supply & Demand

“With a large infusion of money such as GESARA promises, who will produce the goods and provide the services we’ll all try to spend on?”

: There is a plan. I don’t know the plan exactly, but, I am quite sure that the money coming by way of NESARA, GESARA, will be “metered” out in some way, while manufacturing and other type jobs become automated. It sounds hard, but, clearly there is a plan to make it “Work Out” in some way. The benevolent creators of this multi thousand year old plan, have considered EVERYTHING, and have already put in place ways to solve all the problems you foresee.

Clearly, it “Looks” like it would be a problem, from our current perspective. But I wouldn’t be surprised if there are factory upgrades already in the works, or highly advanced products already made and ready to pass out to the World. It brings to mind something that Sheldan Nidle said about each of us having our own “Personal Processor” that made our food, and even made things like furniture, from free energy, I suppose. While it might be a while before we all have one of those Star Trek type replicator devices, they may already have these “Processors” in industrial size that can crank out products “Pre-Made” and food items as well in mass quantities. Two things are for sure. #1) We can’t even imagine the World we will soon be living in from what we know now, and #2) Whatever happens, the plan will be perfect and work out in every way by design. So it may be interesting and even perplexing to think about and consider, but, it is nothing to worry about. We are in good hands.

Signed: One Who Knows

Terra Zetzz

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  2. Ethan Freeman
    Feb 05, 2017 @ 00:07:56

    Thank you for these words. This brought me peace, as one who does not know so much, and has not done any specific preparations. Only heard the rumors and whispers.


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