Donald Trump Just Released Horrifying Video to Warn Americans, Claims He “Had to Do It”


Sun Feb 5 12:10

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Donald Trump Just Released Horrifying Video to Warn Americans, Claims He “Had to Do It”

Saturday, February 4, 2017

(Before It’s News)

*UPDATED On 29 January, 2017 After Trump Made It A Point To Finally Address This To The American People*

America is on the verge of what could be the very downfall of our country. Extremely swift and accurate steps must be taken to avoid the destruction of American life as we know it. Donald Trump is on the same page, and has made it his personal goal in life to restore America to its former Roman-like glory.

When referring to the Muslim migrant invasion in Europe that has led to recent terror attacks on a large scale, he called the situation a “Trojan Horse.”

The snake is an Al Wilson creation, and it is based around the fable of the Farmer and the Viper, which was written in 1968. Mr. Trump thinks that the lyrics paint a very accurate warning of what could happen to our country if we do not act before it is too late. He’s begun to unleash executive orders to ban would-be evildoers from our country, but is currently facing sharp opposition, especially from lawyers at the American Civil Liberties Union who’ve just temporarily stopped the Muslim ban from going through completely.

Please watch the video and grasp the importance of this movement. It isn’t about any one man or idea–it’s about making sure we learn from history to avoid making the same mistakes! Undoubtedly, the only civilization to compare America to is Rome, for it is the only historical city that bears the same level of power. People of that time and day would have never considered the fall of Rome to be a possibility. In the end, their arrogance, failed policies, and corruption caught up to them. It’s time for Democrats to wake up and realize that Trump isn’t here to do damage–he’s here to make sure we don’t suffer the same perilous fate as the once-great nation that led before us.



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  2. Pamela
    Feb 14, 2017 @ 10:16:21

    It appears to me that Donald Trump is trying to lead with fear, and that will never work, but it will bring down the corrupt system once and for all, and for that, the world is grateful. His arrogance will have him do in public what previous administrations did in secret. When he is finished, hopefully Americans will be sick of war and weapons, so they can rise above that way of life. We need the Babylon System to fall, and since Trump is who he is, who better to destroy it. He will destroy his own corrupt empire at the same time, and that is already happening, and he will expose elitists like himself to the world, he will expose big businesses like he runs to the world, he is already exposing America’s corruption to the world, etc. He is the destroyer, and whether you like him or not, that is his path. Just hope folks are prepared for the destruction he will cause, as it is going to be unlike anything we have ever experienced, and most are not prepared. Just like any addict, you must hit rock bottom before you can rise up again, and America and those following in its unsustainable and wasteful footsteps need to hit their rock bottom, so they can begin to build anew, and so the third world can survive and begin anew from all the destruction caused by America and its resource-raping allies. The first will be last and the last will be first, and that day is already here as those that live attached to Mother Nature are thriving while those that are attached to all things material are struggling.


    • Angel4Light
      Feb 24, 2017 @ 20:01:41

      Dearest Pamela,

      You said a mouthful here and I have to agree in so many ways.

      We really had no choice in so much of the shenanigans that have been trusted down our throats and up our booty for so long. I am in support.of President Trump in so many ways, I believe he means well. Unfortunately he is selling out to the Neocons and even to big pharma and the pedophile elites.

      I worried when he had a meeting with KissAssenger then he approves the tar sands pipeline. We need the technology released.

      I just put up an article by a former CIA who makes some great suggestions. One is to legalize drugs and then it will knock out crime (at least the drug crimes). But no… Now I hear that President Trump is going to smack down harder on the hippies who smoke for pleasure yet he hasn’t taken down the pedophiles that work in close proximity to him. Why? I am so over 3D and working hard to get out of this metrics.

      Great comment. Thank you!



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