Active Marine PROVES Trump is Right about Muslims and Travel Ban

NOTE from Angel4Light:

This is a Must see video. There is another video which I will try to include where an Cult leader states their islam belief. They will not assimilated into any society, rather they will dominate them.  So if we don’t conform to their way of life they have the right by their cult to behead us, rape our women and take our lands. I will try to find that video, this was long before President Trump came to our rescue.

If I were the President, I would send US Marshals to every commie Mayor and Government Official obstructing the Federal Law.  Arrest them with the “Patriot Act” and personally charge them with the expenses of the personnel and overhead expenses, as well as a heafty fine. Let them sit in the clink as they are being investigated if they received any funds from George Soros or are connected to his 100 Communist 501C3 Foundations that are designed to overthrow America. These libtards are not above the law. This was a clear sign of tyranny against our President and against “We The People”

Why are these libtards stating “Constitutional Rights” for illegals? This I don’t understand. Where does it state that illegals have Constitutional Rights? They have human rights yes, but they do not have Constitutional Rights in America until they become American. Sign up and do the legal process. 

Here are a few true Nightmare personal experiences and more reasons to approve the Travel Ban.

This is a sad but true story which happened several years ago. My Uncle was robbed and murdered by illegals. He was a simple farmer and loved and was loved by everyone. He gave jobs to those who needed work and he even would even housed them on his land, and for the ones who were illegal he gave them work and paid them with cash because they said they didn’t have a chevling acvount.  There were 5 illegals who worked for him this particular summer. He always paid these guys as he had always done for others,very fair wages for their work and sad to say he even invited them into his home. He treated them like family. He would BBQ for them and do anything within his power to be of help to them or any one. He was a gental giant. His heart was so big that he couldnt see that these men would turn on him like bandits and force him to open his safe, rob him and brutally beat him to death. 5 men against one old man. No one was around for questions when his body was found. The illgal workers were long gone and the building he had let them stay in was empty. He had been dead for 3 days before they found him next to his open and empty safe, face down in his own blood. 

My Uncle was in his 70’s, so he was an old man, and these 5 bandits beat him to death. He died from a heart attack and internal wounds to his head, I think my family said that it was a fire place instrument thst caused the blood and fatal injuries.

My Uncle never hurt a flea. I cry to think what when through his mind. He trusted the men he had employed and all they only wanted from him was his money and didn’t care about his life. He would have taken out a loan to get them help get started and get legal papers going if they had adked. He didnt charge them for rent or food, and they earned fair wages for their work which they must have sent back home.  My Aunt was out of town at the time he was murdered. What a shock to come home to, she was the one to find him in the floor face down in his blood. The body was cold and the corner said he had been dead for three days. 

Another sad story: I was married to a Muslim, and can tell you that they have zero respect for women. As a wife, you have to be beaten daily just because you as a woman are their property and not considered human.  I endured this for too many years and was lucky to escape with my life and sanity.  It took me many years before I could look up and talk to people face to face and every time someone would go to scratch their nose or any slight move, I responded like a beaten dog with its tail between its legs. What a terrible thing to do to anyone. To mentally and physically beat them until they live in constant fear of everything and everyone.

I don’t hate Muslims, I just don’t trust them anymore and will never invite them to my home. The radical Muslims don’t hate Americans because we are free, they hate us because they have been brainwashed since birth.  

Thank GOD for President Donald Trump.


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