Intel: “You Can’t Buy Reality” – One Who Knows – 2.12.17


Sunday, February 12, 2017

“You Can’t Buy Reality” – One Who Knows – 2.12.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 4:21 PM EST on February 12, 2017

You Can’t Buy Reality
Having lots of money is a great because there are a lot of things you can buy, BUT, the one thing you cannot Buy is Reality. You have to Create and Elicit Your Reality with special commands. Money cannot Buy Happiness, but you can Create it. Money cannot buy health either, but you can Create it. Frankly Money is NOT the “Source” of anything important. If Money was the Cure All, there would not be Millionaires dying of cancer, or living miserable lives fearing what might happen to them and their wealth. Money can NOT even buy one Friend, but you can create and elicit Friends in abundance, if you know how Reality actually Works.
What Is the Point?
The point is, having lots of money is nothing when it comes to what is TRULY Valuable in Life. That of course is Love, Happiness & Health. What good is money if you can’t buy Love, Happiness, or Health? Let’s take a moment and dispel any ideas you might have that money can buy these things.
First, Love is something that is given freely, and cannot be bought. Sure, you can Get/Buy “Appreciation,” by giving wonderful gifts to others, but it is not love, unless Love is first offered. Even Life-Giving gifts, are first and foremost, Love, facilitated by money to help those in need. So it is Love Begetting Love. That Love could have been in the form of Friendship, or a simple Card of well wishes. Money Helped the expression of Love, but NOT the Source of the Love.
Clearly, Happiness is not guaranteed by lots of Money either. In many cases, money has made people more unhappy and caused a loss of their friends. There is case after case of Lottery winners who end up worse off, if not dead, due to their sudden wealth. However, there are those who are even more happy once they became rich. What is the difference? They had happiness before they became rich and the Money only Helped them become even more happy, but, it was NOT the source of their happiness.
At first glance, you might think that Money can Buy Health, and be the source of extended health. But, this too, is a misunderstanding. No matter the health matter, and no matter the “outside” remedy, be it medicine or surgical procedure, the only thing cured was the Symptom, and NOT the cause. All Money is good for is temporarily curing the symptoms. The Word “Disease” comes from “Dis-Ease” which means NOT at Ease. ALL medical “Problems” no matter if it is cancer, or a broken leg, are Self-Creations. So, unless the TRUE Source of the Problem is cured, it will simply manifest again in some other accident, or dis-ease symptom. It is like the Arcade Game “Whack-A-Mole” that no matter what medical Problem you whack back down with money, mending a broken leg, taking some medicine, or getting operation, unless the true Cause is Fixed, it will just pop up again in some other way.
The Health Cure Fallacy
Of course many can tell stories of operations and high powered drugs that cured someone and they NEVER got sick again! Yes, I will grant you that, for the moment, but, I can tell you a million times more stories of those who went on to have more accidents, and more disease. Clearly money was not the solution, because money was used again and again to fix the latest medical issue, and still another showed up again. So what is the true difference between those who never get sick again and those who did? Simple. It was a change in MEANING. Often, those who have close calls with death, begin to show way more appreciation for life and become more “At Ease” in their life. It is a change in what life Means to them, than it is a money bought cure.
Meaning Is The Source of EVERYTHING
So let’s understand the true “Nature of Meaning.” Can we agree that everything that has EVER Happened and will EVER happen, was “Meant To Be,” and that which did not happen was “NOT Meant To Be?” I know your wheels are already spinning. Fate is nothing more than the playing out of “What is Meant To Be.” It is so funny that we all innately understand this, but fail to recognize that what is “Meant to be” comes from Meaning. Meaning “Means” something to be, which makes it “Meant To Be.” That is what it means. So in Reality [Creation], Meaning creates Fate, that which is Meant to be.
Meaning Is A Universal “Reality Command” Word
You can now see how powerful Meaning is since NOTHING has EVER happened, that was not MEANT to happen by a Meaning. Meaning is a “Command Word” for the Universe. It is the actual “application” of your Free Will. When you Mean for something to happen, it is your Will for it to happen. That is what Free Will is. That is your right and ability to Will something to happen, To Mean it to happen. The word Free, in Free Will, means that you are unrestricted, Free, to create (Will) anything “To Be,” in your Reality. You are utilizing your ability to Command Reality, to exert your Will upon Reality, by MEANING things to happen. While we all recognize that FATE is what is meant to be, we don’t realize we are creating meanings (Our Fate) all the time, unknowingly creating what is “Meant to be.”
Your Life Is YOUR Creation (By Meaning)
We all have been ignorant of the concept of “Our Meanings Creating Reality.” This is the greatest secret ever hidden from you. Frankly, when was the last time you considered what your careless words actually mean and what the (Real Life) consequences to you would be? How about this popular saying: “The Good Die young?” Those seemingly benign words carry a powerful and malignant meaning. It means that if you are good, you will die young. Dying young is “Meant To Be” for those who are good. You better not be good, if you want to live to an old age.
Meanings Are “Life Programs”
You have been taught to be so careless with your words. It is so trendy to say things to be cool or hip, and yet those words carry hidden programming code that will affect your life for the better or the worse. How about this one “My job is killing me!” It sounds so dramatic and fun to say, and yet your untimely death is NOW “Meant To Be.” Will it be Cancer or a terrible accident? You better quit that job, or change your careless utterances. You are unknowingly altering your fate with each careless statement you make. If we can agree that everything that happens was at some point “Meant to be,” then it makes sense to be careful about the meanings you create.
This all sounds a bit dramatic doesn’t it? How can a few spoken words (Or thoughts) be so powerful? Again, EVERY SINGLE THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO YOU WAS YOUR CREATION, BY YOUR WILL, IN THE FORM OF MEANING COMMANDS, PROGRAMMING WHAT IS MEANT TO BE, RESULTING IN YOUR FATE (REALITY). You don’t (and can’t) always connect the dots between things you have said and/or thought, and the resulting outcome. Life Programs (Meanings) start working the moment they are created by you and can manifest instantly or years later. Some never have enough power to manifest, but, most others do manifest eventually in events that you love or hate. BUT IN All CASES these events and outcomes were “Meant To Be.”
Placebos Expose (And Prove) These Hidden “Meaning Programs”
Unless you know how reality is actually created, you would NEVER make the connection between your thoughts and your resulting reality. But if you know what to look for, you can see it every time. Placebos offer ABSOLUTE PROOF that Meanings are the ACTUAL SOURCE of reality.
Water Cures Cancer?
There is a well known case of a man who was about to die of advanced stage 4 cancer, but was cancer free in 10 days after he got an injection of water with food coloring in it. What? Clearly water did not cure this man who was riddled by huge cancerous tumors all over his body. The injection of Water was just the facts and facts DO NOT CREATE REALITY. Yes Meaning is the only Command that the Universe recognizes and responds to.
What actually happened was the man was told that he was going to get an injection of a special super miracle drug that would be so powerful that it would easily cure his advanced cancer. After he got the injection, what did that mean? What was “Meant To Be?” Yes, that is right. Getting the injection “Meant” he would be cured, and so being cured was NOW “Meant To Be.” In essence, he was saying “This Injection is Curing me.” By the way, can you now see that someone saying “This Job Is killing Me” is using the same meaning power to cause his own demise, that the cancer guy used to save himself.
The Meaning “Over-Ride”
As an important side note, if there had not been an “Override” meaning given to the injection of water, it would have still had its “original” meaning. What is the meaning of getting injected with water? Being injected with water “Means” you will be slightly more hydrated. The HUGE POINT here is that as a Human Being you have been given FREE WILL, that is the right to “DECIDE” what things mean, thus exerting your will. In short, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO OVER-RIDE ANY MEANING YOU WANT with a meaning of your own choosing. The starting meaning of slight hydration, was changed to Miracle Cancer Cure. That is your POWER and your God-Given RIGHT to exert you Will (What is Meant to be) over your own reality.
The Meaning Killed Him
There was another well known case where a man had cancer of the throat back in the 70’s, and his doctor told him that there was no cure for it and he should get his affairs in order. The doctor operated anyway, and removed all the cancer he could find. The man died a week later. When the autopsy was done, they found NO CANCER at all in his throat and was unable to figure out why the man died. However, we know the answer. The doctor told him that nobody survives this kind of cancer and that he would die. That Means that his Imminent Death was “Meant To Be.” Interestingly he was able to survive the cancer, but was unable to survive the Doctor’s careless words. In the end, the cancer did not kill him, the Meaning of the Doctor’s words did.
Placebos offer us a wonderful learning opportunity, to see that meaning is truly the SOURCE of all Reality. It is the SOURCE of what is Meant To Be. It literally creates Your Reality out of all your meanings together creating your fate, what is Meant to be. With placebos, we can see it happen quickly, right before our eyes. We can make the Immediate and direct Connection between the TRUE cause (Meanings) and the effect (Reality Outcome). What if the first stage 4 cancer patient was told that the injection was a “Fast Acting Poison?” He would have died almost instantly, because that would have been what was “Meant To Be.” What if the Throat cancer patient was told that the operation was totally successful and that he would make a full recovery? He would still be alive because that would have become “What Was Meant To Be.”
Affirmations (Confirmations)
People say so many “Affirmations” expecting some powerful outcome without understanding what an Affirmation Really Is or How it actually works. First let me say that Affirmations, what I call “Confirmations,” do work, but they could be way more powerful and effective if you understood them better. Affirmations “Create Meanings” and it is the Meanings that “Do The Work” by creating “What Is Meant To Be” in your Reality.
In example, the Affirmation “It’s All Working Out.” That is a great affirmation, but why does it work and how can we make it better? If you say “It is all working out,” that clearly means that whatever is going on, it turns out good. Working Out is “Meant To Be.”
Meanings Are “DECIDED” and NOT Figured Out
In the above affirmation, we just figured out what it means, and thus uncovered the actual Reality Meaning Command. That sure seems careless considering the Meaning is creating our reality. Shouldn’t we be more careful and specific about what we mean, since that is what is creating what is “Meant To Be?” YES We should.
It is important to realize that Meanings are NOT figured Out, They are DECIDED, Determined, Willed. It makes sense that we should clearly decide what things mean to us so that we can more EXACTLY tailor our upcoming reality to be what we want instead of haphazardly creating our reality.
Let’s Build A POWERFUL Meaning Structure
I am not going to go into a lot of explanation here as I have already giving you plenty of support for how Meanings create your reality. Instead I am just going to give you a step by step Reality structure to create the Life of your dreams.
Step #1) Get your big picture in mind. You might call this your dream life, but I would rather call it your “Vision” of your ideal life. Vision is a plan of what is to be, while dreams are often thought of as unattainable. So Vision it is!
This doesn’t have to be in great detail and will be adjusted from time to time as your wants and desires change or evolve. Is it a big house on the ocean? Big business, travel, large family or what else? This is Not the place to hold back. Remember this is the Target, and it makes no sense to shoot for less than you want. Go Big, or at least as big as you can for now. You can add more later as you think of more. Take a minute and think of it now. O.K. Good. Now we are going to create some Meanings to make what you envision for yourself “Meant To Be.” Exciting huh? This is where the rubber hits the road, so to speak.
Step #2) We are going to take the affirmation we had above and ADD MEANING TO IT ON PURPOSE, BY DECISION. The Affirmation was “It is ALL working Out.” Remember we figured out (Which was Lame) a meaning for it that it Meant that things would go well. Frankly, from my point of view, as a “Reality Tool,” that is so weak! Now, let’s give it some POWER! Let’s make it WORK FOR US.
Before we go on from here, I want you to say that affirmation out loud. Say “It is ALL Working Out.” Then think of the meaning we have so far that it means things go well for us. Have you said it and felt the “Goodness” meaning? (If you don’t do this exercise right now, you will miss out on the big change coming in the next paragraph)
Now we are adding this extra Meaning. From now on and forever more, when you say “It is All Working Out” it means that you are getting everything you want and living the life of your dreams. Now whenever you say that affirmation you are making it CREATE the reality you want. It NOW makes EVERYTHING you had in your VISION “Meant To Be,” because this affirmation MEANS IT TO BE.
Now say the affirmation again: “It is all working out,” and feel the Meaning that it means you are getting everything you want and living the life of your dreams. Can you feel the Power of that new Meaning? I know you can.
This is probably the FIRST TIME WHAT YOU WANT HAS EVER BECOME “MEANT TO BE.” Sure you wanted it, BUT, was it EVER “Meant (By A Meaning) To Be?” I doubt it. From now on, everything you do “Is Working Out,” Meaning that it is bringing your Vision into REALITY. Your Vision is now “Meant To Be!”
Bringing It All Together
Now you have the Money, and at the same time, Your Happiness, Health and abundant Love is Meant to be. While Money can’t “Buy It,” Meaning can Mean it to be. This philosophy coupled with money makes you Fearless, Ultra-Confident, and Unstoppable. Your Happiness is not only expected, it is Meant to be! Your Health is not only expected, it is Meant to be! Expect EVERYTHING to get better and better every day. What does that mean? You know the answer. It means that events and situations in your life are Meant to be, after all they are expected, and what you expect, Means: “You will get!” That Means It BECOMES “Meant To Be!” Expect the best of everything, no matter what your circumstances are.
The Bottom Line
The bottom line is that hidden within our words, whether spoken or just thought, lie meanings which program our upcoming realities. Pay attention to what you say and think and be sure your Meanings, mean what you want to happen. Careless words and thoughts are altering your reality whether you know it or not. Meanings are Reality Commands to the Universe. Remember to Mean the best for others, so that by the law of attraction (Karma), the Universe will mean the best for you.
This post is just a very short discussion on the power of Meaning and how to use it to create your Reality. If you want to learn more and become an expert at purposely creating the Reality you want, I recommend the book How To Use Your God Power, the Master’s Course. This information is from this book. It is a complete work that will teach you step by step how the Universe actually works and give you tools to create your own reality to be Happy, Healthy, and have a life full of all the Love you can handle. The book is available to you for free and the download links are below. This book comes highly recommended by Zorra of Hollow Earth. Frankly, of all the things one could become an expert on, learning how to Create Reality would be the MOST Valuable in my opinion.
May You Get Everything You Want And Live The Life Of your Dreams
Signed: One Who Knows
This is the Book that was mentioned on the Zorra Call. It is was offered free on the Zorra Call.
(Note: Feel Free to share this post and these Free Download links with whomever you like. It is my gift to the World)
How To Use Your GOD Power

The Master’s Course

BY: Richard Lee McKim Jr.

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These are the download Links for the entire Course on Audio.
How To Use Your God Power – Audio Book CD

How To Use Your God Power – Audio Book CD 

How To Use Your God Power – Audio Book CD 

How To Use Your God Power – Audio Book CD 

How To Use Your God Power – Audio Book CD

How To Use Your God Power – Audio Book CD

How To Use Your God Power – Audio Book CD

How To Use Your God Power – Audio Book CD

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